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A tutor can mean the difference between a passing and a non-passing grade in a subject that is difficult for you. And the service is free. Tutors are available from 9 am to 6 pm, Mondays - Thursdays. We are closed Fridays. We are located around the right side of the Library. introductory video.

We have two tutoring options:


Scheduled Individual Tutoring

  • Group coverage is available for accounting, chemistry, physics and economics, so no individual tutoring is offered in those subjects. However, a vast selection of other subjects are available on an individual tutoring basis, one hour per week per student (depending on the prevailing budget situation). See Jeff at Tutorial for more details.

Scheduled Group Tutoring

  • Several students attending the same class may want to form a group. This group will be eligible to have their own tutor once a week for one hour. This is the definition of a "scheduled group". Students can join several scheduled groups sessions in different subjects, if desired.

    Scheduled group subjects may include:

        Physics Chemistry
    Accounting Psychology Anthropology AutoCad
    Biological Sciences Business Astronomy CIS
    Japanese Portuguese Health Tech Geography
    Fashion History Humanities German
    Chinese Physical Science Political Science Sociology
    Russian French Spanish Economics 1A/B



To be eligible for tutoring, you must be currently enrolled at West Valley College in the subject in which you wish to be tutored, and your class must have started to meet. Read the student rules: Student Notification. Other tutoring centers on campus: Math Resource Center, Writing and English.


Tutoring Services 
Library Building
(408) 741-2038


What our students are saying:


"The Tutorial Center helped me get an A! It’s the best way to study."


"Getting a tutor was very fast. The tutors were very friendly, and above all, very fast and clear. I got all my questions answered in no time."


"I would have given up on stats if it hadn’t been for their help."


"Great help! Great tutors!"


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