• VA Palo Alto Health Care System ^ (www.palo-alto.med.va.gov) - For additional information regarding medical, housing or counseling servicesLocal Veterans Center ^ (www.vetcenter.va.gov) - Vet Centers provide readjustment counseling and outreach services to all veterans who served in any combat zone. Services are also available for their family members for military related issues.
  • Career Programs - Degrees, and Certificates, Work Experience, and CalWORKS.
    (408) 741-2098
  • Counseling - Academic, career, personal, veterans, assessment testing, and orientation sessions.
    (408) 741-2009
    Veteran Specific Counselors: 
    Tom Golbetz  (408)741-4022
    Carol Pavan (408)741-2441
    John Cognetta (408) 741-2614
    Jim Winkler
  • DESP - (Disability & Educational Support Program) - Support services, mobility assistance/tram service, assessment, and classes for students with disabilities and learning difficulties.
    (408) 741-2010
    Veteran Specific DESP Counselors:
    Ross Smith - (408) 741-4027
  • EOPS - (Extended Opportunity Programs and Services) - Educational and financial support services for low-income and educationally under-prepared students.
    (408) 741-2023
  • Financial Aid - (408) 741-2024
  • Work Experience - So maybe you’re the kind of student who learns by doing. Or maybe you just like to work and gain experience that way. If so, we have just the thing for you: Work Experience. Work Experience is a course like any other.
    • Your job is your classroom.
    • Work Experience is a type of independent study.
    • You set up your learning objectives with a Faculty Adviser.
    • There is a credit or grade option.
    • Units are counted as electives and transfer to CSU and many private colleges.
    • You can enroll in either “general” Work Experience or “occupational” Work Experience. (Occupational is directly related to your major)
  • Student Health Services - Clinic, counseling and guidance in the areas of addiction, addiction recovery, emotional and psychological challenges, referrals and resources.
    (408) 741-2027
  • TRiO Program - Are you one of 140 students eligible for the TRiO Program? It’s a grant West Valley receives from the U.S. Department of Education to increase our students’ chances of staying in college, graduating, and even going on to a four-year university.
    (408) 741-2503
  • Text Book Assistance
    Various WVC textbook assistance programs.
  • Study Skills Handouts
    Various student stuy skills handouts beneficial for all students



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