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Art History

Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer

The Associate in Arts in Art History for Transfer Degree (AA-T in Art History) is a 60 unit program which is designed to provide lower-division education to students planning to transfer to a CSU institution in pursuit of a baccalaureate degree in Art History or an emphasis in Art History. Students must complete the following ADT requirements: 1. 60 semester or 90 quarter CSU-transferable units 2. the California State University-General Education-Breadth pattern (CSU GE-Breadth); OR the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) pattern. 3. a minimum of 18 semester or 27 quarter units in the major or area of emphasis as determined by the community college district. 4. obtainment of a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0. 5. earn a grade of C or P or better in all courses required for the major or area of emphasis.

Major Core Requirements (9 units)

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
Select one:

Survey of Western Art I
Honors Survey of Western Art I

3 units
3 units
Select one:

Survey of Western Art II
Honors Survey of Western Art II

3 units
3 units
ARTS031ABeginning Drawing 3 units

Major Electives List A (3 units)

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
ARTS001JSurvey of Non-Western Art: Africa, Oceania, and Indigenous North America3 units
ARTS007The Art of Asia3 units
ARTS012AArt of Pre-Hispanic Mexico3 units
ARTS012BArt of Colonial and Modern Mexico3 units

Major Electives List B (3 units)

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
ARTS031BExpressive Drawing3 units
ARTS033ATwo-Dimensional Design3 units
ARTS033CColor Design3 units
ARTS035ABeginning Life Drawing3 units
ARTS049ABeginning Painting3 units
ARTS055Introduction to Computer Arts3 units
ARTS062ABasic Photography3 units
ARTS065ACeramics-Handbuilding3 units
ARTS067ACeramics - Potter's Wheel3 units
ARTS0813-Dimensional Design3 units
ARTS085ASculpture3 units

Major Electives List C: Select one (including any course from List A or B not already used) (3 units)

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
Only one:

Survey of 20th Century Art
Honors Survey of 20th Century Art

3 units
3 units
ARTS001EDesign in Society3 units
ARTS001GHistory of Photography3 units
ARTS010American Art: A Multicultural Approach3 units
ARTS013African-American Art History3 units
ARTS014Women in Art History3 units

Total Major Units: 18 units

CSU transferable electives courses are required when the major units plus transfer GE units total is less than 60.

Upon successful completion of this program a student will be able to:

  • Attribute selected unknown works of art to the artist, culture, country, and/or style, giving the reasons for attribution.
  • Respond to works of art on both intellectual and emotional levels.
  • Recognize and analyze iconography specific to non-western cultures.
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