School of Science and Math

Students in Biology classroom

Welcome to West Valley’s School of Science and Math

Science and Mathematics are essential for success in today’s technological world.

The process of science reveals the secrets of nature. Through careful hypothesis testing humans can make the invisible visible, answer questions of “why” and “how” and gain insights into the mechanisms that underlie the patterns of the world around us. Science tells us about our history and can guide our future.

Mathematics is the language of science and business. Statistics help us interpret our complex world, summarize patterns and make smart decisions. Higher levels of mathematics can show us beautiful shapes, help us make informed predictions and probe unexpected relationships between complex ideas. Regardless of your fluency in math, you will find that our mathematics faculty are dedicated to helping you gain confidence and develop skills that prepare you for your career of choice.

Our school offers science coursework that looks at things small and large. You can study the origins of the universe in Astronomy or explore subatomic particles in Physics. In Biology, you can investigate the muscles and bones of the human body or learn about the millions of chemical reactions that take place inside all your cells every day. Our Chemistry classes and labs give you the chance to manipulate tiny electrons and map out huge macromolecules. Our faculty will take you on natural adventures to majestic geological formations or tiny streamside puddles, inhabited by millions of creatures.

Computer Science and Engineering apply the ideas of Math and Science to solving problems in the real world. We encourage students to be creative, critical thinkers and get a strong foundation in the skills necessary to invent the future.

Whether you plan a future in math or science, technology or medicine or just want to expand your horizons by exploring the physical world we welcome your interest and questions. Our faculty offer online, hybrid and hands-on classes to help you shape your future. We can’t wait to meet you.

Laura A. Hyatt

Dean, Science and Mathematics

Last Updated 10/1/20