First Year Experience

First Step Toward Success Has Already Begun!

First Year Experience Students

What is First Year Experience?

The First Year Experience Program (FYE) is a year-long learning community of students and instructors. Students enroll in at least one FYE-designated English, Reading and/or Math course as well as a College Success Counseling class. It is designed for students who welcome additional support and guidance to reach transfer, graduation and career goals. It's also a great way to build a success network of peers, instructors and counselors. This learning community provides an environment of academic excellence and support.

How do I join First Year Experience?

If you are interested being a part of FYE, first take the West Valley College Placement test. You are eligible for First Year Experience if you place into any of the following courses:

  • English 903 or 905, OR
  • Math 103, 106S or 106, OR
  • Reading 961

After taking the placement test, contact the FYE Coordinator, Gretchen Ehlers, gretchen.ehlersFREEWEST_VALLEY%2C and she will help you enroll in the program.

What are the expectations?

There will be a mandatory First Year Experience Workshop of Welcome the week before classes start in August. All students will take at least one FYE English, Reading or Math class as well as FYE Counseling 5 in the Fall and FYE Counseling 12C in the Spring.

What are the benefits of First Year Experience?

• Increase your chances of succeeding in college
• More structure and support as you begin college
• Be part of a community of learners helping and supporting each other
• Instructors are committed to your success and believe in the First Year Experience Program

Other general information may be obtained from the Counseling Department.

Last Updated 2/13/19