First Year Experience

First Step Toward Success Has Already Begun!

First Year Experience Students

What is First Year Experience?

The First Year Experience Program (FYE) is a year-long learning community of students, counselors, and instructors. Students enroll in at least one FYE-designated English and/or Math course as well as a College Success Counseling class. The program is designed for students who welcome additional support and guidance to reach transfer, graduation, and career goals. FYE is ideal for first-generation college students. It's also a great way to build a success network of peers, instructors, and counselors. This learning community provides an environment of academic excellence and support.

How do I join First Year Experience?

If you are interested being a part of FYE, email wv.fyeFREEWEST_VALLEY, and the program's head counselor or faculty coordinator will work with you to register.

What are the expectations?

There will be a mandatory First Year Experience Workshop of Welcome the week before classes start in August. All students will take the following 3 courses in addition to courses outside of First Year Experience:

  • At least one FYE English or Math class
  • FYE Counseling 5 (College Success) in the Fall
  • FYE Counseling 12C (Careers and Lifestyles) in the Spring

What are the benefits of First Year Experience?

  • Additional structure and support as you begin college
  • Increase your chances of succeeding in college
  • A community of learners helping and supporting each other
  • Instructors committed to the success of first year college students

Students may also schedule an appointment with a counselor to find out more about FYE and other available programs.

Last Updated 3/21/19