About West Valley College Scholarships

West Valley College scholarships are designed to recognize accomplishments and to provide tangible encouragement to students who have demonstrated academic achievement, leadership, community service, and financial need.

Each year the West Valley College Scholarship Program awards scholarships ranging from $400 to $5,000. The funds for these scholarships are provided from a joint investment of contributions from the private sector and from West Valley College employees.

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Congratulations to our 2020-2021 West Valley College Scholars

Students Scholarships
Syrena Acuna Chris Montana Scholarship
Rawan AlkhafafBill & Leila Cilker Scholarship
Shehab AlnaimiCarolyn B. King Scholarship
Karolyn Alvarado BejaranoCharest Female Scholarship
Alejandra Alvarez Magana Barbara A. Vrevich Scholarship
Elizabeth Angel Charest Female Scholarship
Lanayah Apuan-WildFounders/Emeriti Scholarship
Celeste Avila SalcidoLenore & Curtis Mills Scholarship
Kazem AyatCarolyn B. King Scholarship
Robert C. & Marion F. Thorburn Memorial Scholarship
Seyyed Mahmood AyatollahiFereydoun Shehabi Scholarship
Sofia Bellavance Founders/Emeriti Scholarship
Maike BohmCarolyn B. King Scholarship
Tyler BondeJulie Boiko Scholarship
Rita Boren Scholarship
Emma BowmanCharest Female Scholarship
Drew BozarthCharest Female Scholarship
Gwendolyn BritoCarolyn B. King Scholarship
Charest Female Scholarship
Keyana BritoCharest Female Scholarship
Adriana Caban-CentenoCarolyn B. King Scholarship
Ashley CaldwellCharest Female Scholarship
Giovanna CardenutoAllman Family #3 Scholarship
Fang Pei Promise Fund
Gustavo CarlosFang Pei Promise Fund
Jesus CelayaGrace Ostrus Scholarship
Leslie ChavezGrace Ostrus Scholarship
Reyna Chipana ValdezCharest Female Scholarship
Jordan ChongUCSC Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Award
Justine ChuCharest Female Scholarship
Nghi CongOsher Scholarship
Jose CortesLenore & Curtis Mills Scholarship
Seyyedeh Mojdeh DastgheibWM Café Scholarship
Angela De LunaFang Pei Promise Fund
Raquel de Pinho Goncalves Araujo de SaCharest Female Scholarship
Wanda Wong International Scholarship
Gabriela DiazCarolyn B. King Scholarship
Jessica DolanCharest Female Scholarship
Joseph EllisonAmanda Hope Lyons Scholarship
Leena ElzeinyLenore & Curtis Mills Scholarship
Shayan EslamianCarolyn B. King Scholarship
Clifford Leong Scholarship
Adriana EsparzaRita Boren Scholarship
Nora EspinalCharest Female Scholarship
Brenda FeldmanCharest Female Scholarship
Osher Scholarship
Sierra FerratoCharest Female Scholarship
Benjamin FlemingGrace Ostrus Scholarship
Rudy FloresKatarina Pivk Scholarship
Carlos Flores SantoyoCarolyn B. King Scholarship
Adam FrancisLenore & Curtis Mills Scholarship
Alejandra FrancoCharest Female Scholarship
Shahrzad GhorbanniaBill & Leila Cilker School of Art and Design Scholarship
Carolyn B. King Scholarship
Alexis GoldinScholar Athlete Scholarship
Mansoureh GolmohammadiCarolyn B. King Scholarship
Jorge Gonzalez-ManzoCarolyn B. King Scholarship
Granville GozaLenore & Curtis Mills Scholarship
Heather GrayCharest Female Scholarship
Or HaluyanFang Pei Promise Fund
Tisha HartmanLouise Cooper Scholarship
Madison HuntzeCharlotte & Bill Allman Sr. Scholarship
Tina HuynhCarolyn B. King Scholarship
WM Café Scholarship
Mehrazin Iranbakhsh Persian Scholarship
Parmida KavoosiAAUW Los Gatos-Saratoga Local Scholarship
Woman of Distinction Scholarship
Maryam KhatoonECE: Sisters of the Holy Family Scholarship
Founders/Emeriti Scholarship
Ezabel LazarofRita Boren Scholarship
Andrea LeAAUW Los Gatos-Saratoga Local Scholarship
Victoria Sessions Scholarship
Anh LeECE: Sisters of the Holy Family Scholarship
Emma LindenRobert C. & Marion F. Thorburn Memorial Scholarship
Cassandra LopezCharest Female Scholarship
Leslie MagbitangCharest Female Scholarship
Maria McAllisterECE: Sisters of the Holy Family Scholarship
Kiana MillerCharest Female Scholarship
Surayya MoghaddamOsher Scholarship
Karina Morales VasquezSaratoga Rotary Art Show Scholarship
Arman MousaviCarolyn B. King Scholarship
Robert C. & Marion F. Thorburn Memorial Scholarship
Veronica MoyaCharest Female Scholarship
Mia MunemitsuCharest Female Scholarship
Chantal NaugleFang Pei Promise Fund
Kevin NguyenCarolyn B. King Scholarship
Don Ostrus Scholarship
Nadja NovakovicAllman Family Scholarship
Cynthia Nunez ZamoraCarolyn B. King Scholarship
Olivia OcherCharest Female Scholarship
Daniel Ochoa Osher Scholarship
George OdhiamboR.V. Louise Cooper Garrod Scholarship
Courtney OlsonOsher Scholarship
Soheila Oregani AAUW Los Gatos-Saratoga Local Scholarship
Rita Boren Scholarship
Alex OvertonGrace Ostrus Scholarship
Milka Perez CazarezNeeDeep Scholarship
Reed PrescottMarchelle S. Fox Scholarship
Chanel RamirezCharest Female Scholarship
Alejandro RiveraOlympiad of the Arts Scholarship
Alexandra RobertsonCarolyn B. King Scholarship
Marco RoblesFang Pei Promise Fund
Susana RomeroSaratoga Foothill Club Scholarship
Asyl SadyralievaOsher Scholarship
Jessica SanchezGrace Ostrus Scholarship
Sarai SanchezFang Pei Promise Fund
Daria SavchenkoAllman Family Scholarship
Amirhossein SepasianBeverly & Bill Allman Scholarship
Carolyn B. King Scholarship
Paula Silva de OliveiraLenore & Curtis Mills Scholarship
John SotoChris Montana Scholarship
Payton StaubleCharest Female Scholarship
Talia StaubleCharest Female Scholarship
Luke StewartLenore & Curtis Mills Scholarship
Quincy StrasillaCharest Female Scholarship
Lacey Strong-CollinsFang Pei Promise Fund
Yuiko TaharaJack & Mary Pease Scholarship
Ali TaleghaniCarolyn B. King Scholarship
Julie Boiko Scholarship
Sovanny ThachFang Pei Promise Fund
Candelaria Torres-LoyaECE: Sisters of the Holy Family Scholarship
Trung TruongOsher Scholarship
Christopher ValerioLenore & Curtis Mills Scholarship
Marcia VanderVinneGrant J. Munsey Music Education Scholarship
Sofia VartanianWoman of Distinction Scholarship
Emmanuel Velasquez VegaOsher Scholarship
Helen VuCharest Female Scholarship
Jaida WardFang Pei Promise Fund
James ZetterbergCarolyn B. King Scholarship
Saratoga Foothill Club Scholarship

External Scholarships

Many foundations, professional associations, religious and ethnic organizations, and corporations offer grants and scholarships. These awards are based on a wide variety of qualifications including, financial need, academic achievement, religious affiliation, ethnicity, community service, and special interests.

Donor Amount Deadline Submittal
American Association of University Women (AAUW) Los Gatos-Saratoga Local $3,000 2/25/2021 Financial Aid Office
American Association of University Women (AAUW) San Jose Local $1,500 – $5,000 4/30/2020 AAUW San Jose
Asian American Women’s Alliance (AAWA) $500 (4 scholarships) 10/2020 AAWA
Asian & Pacific Islander American (APIA) Scholars $2,500 – $20,000 Opens in September APIA Scholars
BigSun Athletics $500 6/19/2020 BigSun Athletics
California Chafee Grant (Foster Youth) Up to $5,000 Varies CSAC
California Strawberry Commission Merit Based 2/2021 CA Strawberry Commission
CCCSFAAA Scholarship $500 – $1,000 TBD Financial Aid Office
County Federal Educational Scholarship $500 4/11/2020 Online
Earnest Scholarship $5,000 5/31/2020 Earnest Scholarship Program Up to $10,000 6/30/2020
eQuality Scholarship Collaborative $6,000 Opens in November Online
Freedom Financial Network $10,000 – $50,000 4/15/2020 Online
Generation Progress - for Undocumented Students $250 – $5,000 Varies Online
Immigrants Rising: for Undocumented Students Varies Varies Online
Italian American Heritage Foundation Varies 4/30/2020 before 4:00 PM IAHF
Jim McEntee Legacy Scholarship $2,000 4/30/2020 Jim McEntee Legacy Committee
Karl S. Pister Leadership $20,000 opens in December Financial Aid Office
Latinos in Technology up to $30,000 3/2021 Online
MALDEF (The Latino Legal Voice) Varies Varies Online
Military Families Varies Varies Online
National Federation of Republican Women Three $1,000 6/1/2020 Online
National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW) Three $1,000 3/2021 NLAPW Santa Clara
National Security Education Program Boren Scholarship Varies Opens in December Online
Nordson Builds Scholarship $2,000 – $10,000 5/15/2020 Nordson
Pen America (Writing for Justice Fellowship) $10,000 Opens in April Online
P.E.O. Program For Continuing Education $3,000 Varies Online
The Pivotal College Scholarship (Former Foster Youth) $3,000 – $5,000 5/1/2020 Pivotal
PixelPlex Bi-Annual STEM Scholarship $2,000 6/5/2020
POINT (The National LGBTQ Scholarship) Varies Opens in November Online
Real Estate Scholarships $800 Per Academic Year Opens in September Online
The Reeves Law Group Scholarship $3,000 Opens in September Online
Residential Design Scholarship $2,500 6/30 and 12/15 Online
Silicon Valley Community Foundation Scholarship $1,000 – $40,000 Varies Online
STEM Scholarship for Women Going Solar $500 – $15,000 Varies Online
Sustainable Residential Scholarship $2,500 6/30 and 12/15 Online
Wells Fargo Veterans Scholarship and Emergency Grant Programs Varies 2/2021 Online
Women in Technology $2,000 Varies  
Worthy Women's Professional Studies Scholarship $1,000 – $2,500 12/1/2020 Worthy
ZipRecruiter $3,000 Every 3 months  

Scholarship Searches

Find and apply for as many scholarships as you can – it's free money for college. For an even broader selection of scholarships, we encourage you to explore the many free scholarship search databases that are available.

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