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Film, Television, and Electronic Media

Associate in Science Degree for Transfer

The Associate in Science in Film, Television, and Electronic Media for Transfer (AS-T in Film, Television, and Electronic Media) is a 60 unit program which provides students the lower division coursework required for transfer to a four year institution for the major in Radio-Television-Film, Television-Film, Television, Video, Film, and Electronic Arts. Students must complete the following requirements: 1. 60 semester or 90 quarter CSU-transferable units 2. the California State University-General Education-Breadth pattern (CSU GE-Breadth); OR the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) pattern. 3. a minimum of 18 semester or 27 quarter units in the major or area of emphasis as determined by the community college district. 4. obtainment of a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0. 5. earn a grade of C or P or better in all courses required for the major or area of emphasis.

Major Core Requirements (6 units)

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
THEA006AWriting for Film and Television3 units
THEA015Introduction to Film Studies3 units
GDES002History of Media and Communication3 units

Major Electives List A: Select one from each area (6 units)

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits

Recording Arts I

3 units
Video or Film Production

Introduction to Film/Video Production
Single Camera Production

3 units
3 units

Major Electives List B (or any course not used from above) (3 units)

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
THEA005BFilm/Video Production II3 units
THEA016American Cinema3 units

Major Electives List C (or any course not used above) (3 units)

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
THEA004Digital Video Editing3 units
THEA007AActing for Film and Television3 units
THEA007BActing/Directing for Film and Television3 units
THEA014ASurvey of Film: Horror and Science Fiction3 units
THEA014BSurvey of Film: Westerns and Musicals3 units
THEA014CSurvey of Film: Gangster and Detective Films3 units
THEA014DSurvey of Film: Superhero Cinema3 units
THEA014ESurvey of Film: The Star Wars Trilogies3 units
THEA019AVisual Spectacle: Practical Effects and Motion Graphics for Cinema3 units

Total Major Units: 18 units

CSU transferable electives courses are required when the major units plus transfer GE units total is less than 60.

Upon successful completion of this program a student will be able to:

  • Prepare and develop a short treatment and screenplay for a narrative film
  • Demonstrate both the technical and aesthetic aspects of film and digital cinema production and demonstrate knowledge of basic production techniques
  • Demonstrate an understanding of audio used in studio and on-location production for radio, television and film
  • Analyze cinema as a literary form and cinema as entertainment by comparing film genres and cinematic techniques
  • Create and edit a short film which requires the organization of a work schedule, an analysis of raw footage, and a digital editing plan
  • Demonstrate knowledge of Film/TV production best practices, professional behavior and accountability
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