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Policy Updates for Grading, Drops and Extensions

Based on information available at the time of this posting, the following provides updates on grading policies, term extensions, and Financial Aid focused on supporting students enrolled in the current term.

The grade “I” may be recorded when students doing passing work and regularly attending 75% of a course are unable to take the final exam or otherwise complete the course because of unforeseeable emergency and justifiable reasons. Conditions for the removal of the “Incomplete” shall be set forth by the faculty member.

Please note the following:

  • One Year Deadline: Students receiving an incomplete will have one year to complete outstanding course work unless faculty indicate an earlier due date for completion of work.
  • Course Prerequisites: If this course is part of a course sequence, please be advised that an incomplete grade does not clear the prerequisite for a higher-level course.
  • Course Repeats: Students cannot register for the same course with an incomplete grade on record. The original course must be assigned a final grade. A course receiving a substandard final grade (D, F or NP) a withdrawal (W) recorded may repeat the course following the Course Repetition Policy. COVID-19 will be recognized as extenuating circumstances when a student wishes to retake a course attempted during the recognized pandemic.
  • Graduation / Transfer: An incomplete grade does not complete graduation requirements and may have transfer implications. Please speak with an academic counselor if you have additional questions or need support.
Last Updated 12/11/20