Vaccination Exemptions

The West Valley-Mission Community College District (WVMCCD) has a process in place for any student to request a medical or religious exemption to the vaccination requirement.

Exemptions to the vaccination requirement are very limited and only available for certain medical conditions and sincerely held religious beliefs.

Request a Medical Exemption

To request a temporary or permanent medical exemption, a student must complete all of the following steps:

Complete the Student Medical Exemption Form, which includes two sections:

1. The student fills out section 1

2. A medical provider fills out section 2

Provide a written statement from a medical provider exempting you due to a disability or serious medical condition. The Statement must:

  • Be submitted on the doctor's office letterhead
  • Contain the doctor's printed name
  • Contain the doctor's license number
  • Contain the doctor's signature
  • Contain the date the statement is issued

Email documents from step 2, 3, and 4 to the following email: to West Valley Health Services at

Request a Religious Exemption

To request an exemption based on sincerely held religious beliefs, a student must complete all the following steps:

Next Steps

Students will be notified of the status of their exemption request after it has been evaluated and approved or denied. Please allow two weeks for review.

Need Help?

Please direct questions about the exemption process to:

Last Updated 6/7/22