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Computer Lab

The DESP Computer Lab can provide you with an evaluation and training in the use of computer technology. The Lab offers specialized software as well as adaptive technology, including:

  • Adapted Computer Access Evaluations: assesses ability to access screen, keyboard or programs.
  • Text Reader: turns text into high quality speech for learning disabled and visually impaired students.
  • Screen enlargers: enlarges the computer screen for low vision students.
  • Alternate Media: provides access to course materials in an alternate format including e–text.
  • Training: shows student how to use text-to-speech software, including Kurzweil.

Make an appointment at the front desk if you want to be assessed for adapted computer or alternate media needs.


Start here if you qualify for and would like your textbook in a digital format.

  1. Login to DESP Online Services.
  2. Click on 'Alternative Formats' under 'My Accommodations' on the left sidebar.
  3. Follow instructions to select your class from the dropdown menu and fill out the book information.
  4. Click 'Submit Request'
  5. Bring your textbooks to DESP.

For more information, please contact Chris Jackson at (408) 741-2063.

E-Text Delivery Timelines

Producing edited alternate media (e-text) for most textbooks is 10 business days from the time permission has been obtained from the publisher and for most course readers is 17 business days (whether hard or electronic).

Some e-texts(depending on subject, format or quality of source material), may have a longer timeline. DESP will make its best reasonable efforts to provide e-text as soon as possible. Specialized text may include:

  1. Subject: STEM subjects, World languages, etc.
  2. Format: Braille, large print, reformatting, and/or repagination, etc.
  3. Scan Conversion: Marked-up materials or illegible document reproductions requiring extensive text input by keyboard.

When a shorter timeline is required, a student may choose to receive portions of their textbook or course reader as needed on a 'rolling basis'. Rolling Basis Production is expected to take at least 5 business days from the time permission is obtained from the publisher and 8 business days for portions of a course reader. DESP will provide the alternate media to the student on a 'rolling basis' 24 hours prior to each upcoming due date.

In order to receive a Rolling Basis Production, the Student must identify the date the assignment is due (e.g., by submitting the course syllabus). If a due date is not shown on syllabus, written documentation of due date from instructor is sufficient. The completed e-text will be provided as soon as reasonable.

Upon request, instructor recommended reading assignments will be converted into e-text. The standard production time will not apply. DESP will provide an estimated date of completion.

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