New Students

Process for Incoming Students
  1. Complete an application to West Valley College.
  2. Obtain necessary documents needed for college from high school or medical professional.
  3. Complete an application to the Disability and Educational Support Program.
  4. Upload documents to the application. For additional help, please email despFREEWEST_VALLEY
  5. Email or call DESP to make a counseling appointment to complete the intake for the program and to discuss course placement and scheduling.

All DESP information is available in alternate formats upon request.

How to Apply to DESP

On-to-College Orientation Virtual Workshops

Important information for First Year California College Students:

  • Applying to West Valley College/DESP
  • DESP services and classes
  • Mandatory First Year Requirements:
    • Online Orientation
    • Guided Self-placement
    • Educational Plan
  • Making Appointments with Cranium Cafe
  • West Valley College Email
Spring 2021 Workshop Dates
Date Time
Thursday, May 13 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Thursday, May 27 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Last Updated 4/19/21