Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Technology Courses

3 units: lecture 3 units; lab 0 units

The course provides the background required by the FAA in subject areas including: aerodynamics, aircraft performance, navigation, weather, and aviation regulations leading to pilot certification

3 units: lecture 3 units; lab 0 units

This course covers the foundations of unmanned aerial systems, including history, UAS systems, payloads, data links, ground support equipment, classes of UAS systems, categories, applications, mission planning and control and recovery systems.

3 units: lecture 3 units; lab 0 units

This course is designed to develop image analysis skills to allow for the student to create 3-D visualizations for 3-D modeling. These visualizations are to be used to analyze the subjects of the imagery acquired through use of Unmanned Aircraft.

3 units: lecture 2 units; lab 1 units

This course instructs the student in the operations and flight planning to include both fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft.

This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to complete photography and videography projects with Drones. This course will explore the different sensors and techniques used. It will also discuss how images are used for analysis.

Last Updated 12/9/20