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Pass/No Pass Grading Option

Students are strongly advised to meet with a counselor to discuss the implications behind receiving a P/NP grade. You may make an appointment with a counselor via Cranium Café.

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Below is a summary of information to help you understand the Pass/ No Pass grading option for the Spring and Summer 2020 terms.

A grade of Pass (P) can be earned in major coursework during the Spring and Summer 2020 terms.

  • Deadlines:
    • Spring 2020 deadline: May 15, 2020
    • Summer 2020 deadline: The day prior to finals week
  • A (P) grade can be earned for general education coursework.
  • A (P) grade can be earned towards a maximum of 20 units of an Associate Degree. However, (P) grades earned during the Spring and Summer 2020 will not be counted towards the 20-unit max.
  • A maximum of 14 units of (P) grade courses can be applied towards a certification of the CSU-Breadth and IGETC. However, the grade of (P) during the Spring and Summer 2020 will not be counted towards the 14-unit max.
  • (P) grades earned in Spring and Summer 2020 terms can be used to earn a Certificate of Achievement or a Certificate of Specialization.
  • A grade of P/NP will not be counted in the GPA.
  • A grade of NP earned during Spring 2020 will not be counted for Academic or Progress Probation or Dismissal Status.
  • The CSU system will accept a grade of (P)ass taken during Winter, Spring or Summer 2020, for the following areas:
    • The Golden Four: English language [A2], oral communication [A1], critical thinking [A3], and mathematics/quantitative reasoning [B4]
    • All other General Education courses; and
    • Major prerequisite courses
  • The UC system has temporarily suspended the cap on the number of transferable units with Pass/No Pass grading applied toward the minimum 60 semester units required for junior standing for students admitted to the Fall 2020 term
    • Any courses taken with Pass/No Pass grading in the Winter, Spring and Summer 2020 will not count toward the UC’s limit of 14 semester transferable units.
  • For transfer universities outside the CSU or UC system, professional or graduate institutions, please check with them directly for their policies on Pass/No Pass grading options. These institutions may require letter grades for admission criteria.
Last Updated 4/23/20