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Career Programs

Credit Degrees and Certificates

Career programs are developed by the College in close cooperation with advisory committees composed of representatives from business, industry and the College. These advisory committees review course content to make certain that the instruction and curriculum provide current skills, and recommendations are made to update the curriculum. In this manner, students in these programs receive the most current information and skills to prepare them for employment in their chosen field. West Valley College offers programs leading to an Associate of Science Degree or Associate of Arts Degree and programs leading to a Certificate of Achievement. Frequently a student’s educational goal will change. The College recognizes the mobility within our society and the necessity of changing education needs and goals. Certificate programs require completion of a series of careeroriented courses. Typically, students who seek certificates wish to complete a career program as quickly as possible to obtain employment. Many students complete the requirements for the certificate, attain employment, and return to West Valley College to complete the additional general education requirements for an Associate of Science degree. All degree and certificate programs require a “C” grade or better in all major required courses.

Certificate Recognition at Graduation

Students earning a certificate of achievement approved by the California Community College State Chancellors Office will be included in the graduation ceremony.

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