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ADMJ 041: Introduction to Forensics

Course Description

This course is a survey of the application of scientific methods to the examination, evaluation, and explanation of the physical evidence related to a crime. The course also introduces students to the contributions of forensic anthropology, forensic psychiatry, document analysis, and computer forensics to criminal investigations. Case studies are used to illustrate the application and introduction of forensic evidence in the legal system.

Units: 3

  • Credit - Degree Applicable
  • Transferable to CSU only

Course Details

  • Grade Options: Letter Grade
  • In-Class Lecture Hours: 48 – 54
  • In-Class Lab Hours: 0

Requisites and Advisories

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Co-Requisites: None
  • Advisory: None

Transfer Details

  • CSU/UC: Transferable to CSU only
  • C-ID: AJ 150 - Introduction to Forensics
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