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CIST 037: C Programming

Course Description

This course introduces to students the fundamentals of ANSI C language syntax, including C data types, statements (sequence, selection, and repetition), and standard C libraries. Structured programming style using the C language is emphasized. Advanced topics such as structures, external files, bit manipulation, and pointers/dynamic allocation are also included.

Units: 4

  • Credit - Degree Applicable
  • Transferable to both UC and CSU

Course Details

  • Grade Options: Letter Grade, Pass/No Pass
  • In-Class Lecture Hours: 64 – 72
  • In-Class Lab Hours: 0

Requisites and Advisories

  • Prerequisites: CIST 004A or CIST 004A1
  • Co-Requisites: None
  • Advisory: None

Transfer Details

  • CSU/UC: Transferable to both UC and CSU
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