Catalog 2022-2023

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HTCH 008: Communication for Health Care Personnel

Course Description

This course provides instruction for the health care provider in the area of team membership. Styles of communication, human needs, individual differences, and cultural biases are examined. The behavior, needs, and methods of communication required by different groups of patients (children, youths, elderly as well as those suffering from violence, homelessness, life altering illness or injury, chemical dependency, anger or depression, and those who are dying) are represented.

Units: 2

  • Credit - Degree Applicable
  • Not transferable

Course Details

  • Grade Options: Letter Grade
  • In-Class Lecture Hours: 32 – 36
  • In-Class Lab Hours: 0

Requisites and Advisories

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Co-Requisites: None
  • Advisory: None

Transfer Details

  • CSU/UC: Not transferable
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