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MATH 003BH: Honors Calculus and Analytical Geometry

Course Description

Honors Calculus and Analytic Geometry uses the pedagogical methods common to all honors courses: interdisciplinary, writing-intensive, collaborative, and experiential instruction. This is a second course in differential and integral calculus of a single variable: topics include integration, techniques of integration, infinite sequences and series, polar and parametric equations, and applications of integration. This course is primarily for science, technology, engineering & math majors. Honors work emphasizes a deeper study of integral calculus via the study of proofs using analytic techniques, real-world problems, and special applied projects.

Units: 5

  • Credit - Degree Applicable
  • Transferable to both UC and CSU

Course Details

  • Grade Options: Letter Grade
  • In-Class Lecture Hours: 80 – 90
  • In-Class Lab Hours: 0

Requisites and Advisories

  • Prerequisites: MATH 003A
  • Co-Requisites: None
  • Advisory: None
  • Additional Requisite Information:
    The honors version of the same course may be used to satisfy a requisite requirement.

Transfer Details

  • CSU/UC: Transferable to both UC and CSU
  • WVC GE: A. Language and Rationality: A2 - Communication and Analytical Thinking
  • CSU GE: Area B - Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning: B4 -Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning
  • UC/IGETC GE: Area 2 - Mathematical Concepts and Quantitative Reasoning
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