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MUSC 067A: Creating Music for Film, TV, and Gaming: Foundations

Course Description

This course is for music producers, creators, and songwriters. Using tools of the modern music studio, this course provides an introductory level of creating commercial music for TV, film, and gaming. Topics include creating music for an advertising spot, corporate video music, designing a cue, media songwriting, linear and layering scoring techniques, and the business relationship with clients.

Units: 3

  • Credit - Degree Applicable
  • Transferable to both UC and CSU

Course Details

  • Grade Options: Letter Grade, Pass/No Pass
  • In-Class Lecture Hours: 32 – 36
  • In-Class Lab Hours: 48 – 54

Requisites and Advisories

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Co-Requisites: None
  • Advisory: None

Transfer Details

  • CSU/UC: Transferable to both UC and CSU
  • WVC GE: C. Humanities
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