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Transcription and Office Support: Voice Writing

Certificate of Completion

Program Requirements (288-398 hours)

Course NumberCourse TitleHours
NCCC004CAT Software Basics16 - 18 hours
NCCC005Voice Writing Theory48 - 54 hours
NCCC007Keyboarding and MS Word Basics48 - 54 hours
Select one:

120-140 WPM Speed Goal
120-140 WPM: Multi-Voice Focus

190 - 200 hours
112 - 126 hours
NCCC027Computer-Aided Transcription 132 - 36 hours
NCCC028Computer-Aided Transcription 232 - 36 hours

Total Certificate Hours: 288-398 hours

Certificates are listed as hours rather than college credit (units). Students must pass and complete the minimum number of hours required.

Upon successful completion of this program a student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Word to provide entry-level office support.
  • Write legal, medical, and general subject matter, using a voice silencer, at a minimum of 120 words per minute on a machine writer.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in industry-standard computer-aided software to produce accurate transcripts of legal, medical, and general audio-recorded material.
  • Demonstrate recognition and correct spelling of legal and medical terminology and English vocabulary.
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