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West Valley College Online

Online courses provide access to higher education using technology to connect students with instructors, support staff, and counselors. Online learning can reduce travel time and costs while helping meet the demands of busy personal and professional schedules. Students access West Valley College Online course content using Canvas, a web-based course management system that includes assignments, quizzes, discussions, video conferencing and email, to meet the needs of various learning styles and provide regular opportunities for students to engage with instructors and peers. Many online courses fulfill general education and transfer requirements for public and private colleges and universities. The integration of support services and instruction enables West Valley College Online to deliver rigorous education online. Additional information can be found at the West Valley College Online website at  

Out of State Disclaimer

The United States Department of Education requires that West Valley College verify each student's state of residency prior to enrollment in an online course. Therefore, out-of-state students not residing in California will not be allowed to enroll in online courses. Active military personnel are exempt. 

Last Updated 7/19/23