Emergency Procedures

Fire Drills are conducted monthly. As a parent, if you are here during a fire drill, there are a few things we would like you to be aware of:

  • The fire alarm will go off for all fire drills. The sound is very loud and obvious. We are required by the Fire Department to evacuate to a designated zone.
  • The fire drills MUST be treated as seriously as an actual emergency. Please follow the directions of the classroom teachers about where to go and how to proceed.
  • NO ONE is allowed in the building until the “all clear” is sounded from the Director or other administrator in charge and the fire alarm has ceased to sound.
  • It’s critical that every adult set a good example for all of the children during the fire drill and follows these basic procedures.

In the Bay Area, living with emergencies is something to expect and prepare for. A major earthquake may close roads and prevent you from reaching your child quickly. We believe that preparing for these events are part of our responsibility as early childhood educators and partners with our families.

West Valley College believes in being prepared for such events. The staff at the WVC-CDC have training in disaster preparedness, first aid and pediatric CPR. Each classroom is equipped with portable packs with basic first aid supplies. Emergency food and water are stored by Facilities on the West Valley College Campus.

In case of a major disaster or threat, the staff will respond appropriately in that situation (shelter in place or evacuate) and remain with the children until all have been released to parents, guardians, or other designated adults.

We ask that each family prepare an “Emergency Pack” for your child. This will help your child feed comfortable and safe in an emergency.

  • Enough food for two hearty snacks: examples: Dried fruits, Granola bar without nuts, Dry crackers, or cereal, sealed, individually packaged applesauce, etc.
  • Please do not include any products containing tree nuts, peanuts or peanut butter.
  • If your child currently takes prescribed medication, you should provide the appropriate notice from your physician and enough medication for up to 3 days.
  • A comforting note and family photograph to help soothe your child in this situation
  • All emergency food pack items must be brought in a gallon-size Ziplock bag.

In situations requiring evacuation from WVC-CDC, children will be escorted to the pre-assigned West Valley College safety area designated by security personnel. When it is deemed necessary to evacuate the college campus, the children and staff will walk to parking lot adjacent to the WVC-CDC buildings.

The WVC-CDC will contact you if your child must be picked up from school due to an emergency situation. In case of a catastrophic disaster, please come to WVC-CDC and/or designated evacuation locations when you have been instructed to do so. Avoid calling classrooms since teachers will be busy assisting children.

In an emergency, West Valley College will update their website homepage and their social media feeds:

Should all communication devises fail, you can:

  • Call Disaster response center: 211
  • Call Red Cross Silicon Valley: (408) 577-1000
  • Visit Red Cross for an update of emergency evacuation in case of a major disaster.

Please make sure that your Emergency Form information at the CDC is always up to date. We ask that you maintain at least two adult contacts (18 years and older) other than yourselves. Include at least one ‘out of area’ preferably ‘out of state’ emergency contact number. Please inform the person on the emergency list to bring a photo ID when picking up your child since we need to verify identification at all times even in an emergency situation.

In cases of minor natural disasters, you may be asked to pick up your child should your child’s health and safety become at risk due to power failure, water problem, etc. Should WVC-CDC close the center caused by the incidents that are beyond our control such as weather, health epidemic, etc., the tuition will not be reimbursed.

Last Updated 4/12/23