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Caring Campus Commitments

Commitment 1

Campus-wide commitment to easy to implement strategies meant to enhance the visibility of West Valley College campus professionals and their work.

Commitment 2

Enhance employee visibility: Daily use of virtual or physical campus insignia to identify yourself as a campus employee available to student needs or questions (name tags, etc.).

Commitment 3

Standardize access to campus wide FAQs: Standardization and maintenance of campus-wide student FAQs for all departments.

Commitment 4

Campus-wide Welcome Center: Employ a campus wide warm referral program (Caring Campus Points) to encourage teamwork, trust and follow through between colleagues to enhance the student experience.

Faculty Behavioral Commitments

Commitment 1

Learn and regularly use students' names.

Commitment 2

Clearly communicate about the course.

Commitment 3

Create moments that matter.

Commitment 4

Assign and assess early and often.

Commitment 5

Practice situational fairness.

Vida Sabouri

Anthony Bridges

Yalem Lakew

Ana Lobato

Andrew Louie

Sonia Nevarez

Tania Pichardo

Tanya Southworth

Susie Tong

Chris Cruz

Nicole Cuttler

Laurie Dotson

Doug Epperson

Mitra Fabian

Meg Farrell

Michelle Francis

Ron Guzman

Faraneh Javanmardian

Hashem Kardevani

Molly Schrey

Michelle Zajac

How can you get involved?
  • Commit to at least 1 of the Behavioral Commitment to do in fall
  • Pick 1 Behavioral Commitment that you want to work on in fall 2022
  • Join a Community of Practice
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Say Thank You

Give a shout-out of appreciation for someone at West Valley College who has been especially helpful or supportive this semester!

Warm Welcome Promise
Warm Welcome Promise

Campus-wide commitment made by all employees to help students feel welcome and connected to the college by following three easy steps.

Greet and Smile

  • Wear a name tag
  • Offer help before being asked
  • If needed, work to understand or clarify a next step

Warm Referral

  • Walk them to their next stop
  • Call ahead to confirm warm hand off
  • Campus referral form

Emphasize Access

  • Campus Experience Calendar
  • Schedule of Classes
  • Division giveaway
  • Campus map or referral form
Last Updated 11/16/23