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  1. Enhance employee visibility: Daily use of virtual or physical campus insignia to identify yourself as a campus employee available to student needs or questions (name tags, etc.).
  2. Standardize access to campus wide FAQs: Standardization and maintenance of campus-wide student FAQs for all departments.
  3. Campus-wide Welcome Center: Employ a campus wide warm referral program (Caring Campus Points) to encourage teamwork, trust and follow through between colleagues to enhance the student experience.

Campus-wide commitment to easy to implement strategies meant to enhance the visibility of West Valley College campus professionals and their work.

West Valley does this already...

Sure, but is it an on-going, campus-wide, intentionally organized effort?

  • Is the behavior prioritized?
  • Are resources or instructions available to employees to support their involvement?
  • Do managers have resources or instructions to implement and report on involvement?
  • Is this requirement described in recruitment or human resource on-boarding?
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