From my very first introduction to the language at the age of 7 by high school students that came to teach us the basics, I've nurtured a lifelong love for Spanish. Born and raised in the Sweet Onion Capital of the World, Vidalia, Georgia, I was able to enjoy being around native speakers and learn a lot of the culture. From there, I studied at Georgia Southern University and got my master's in Spanish from the same university in 2010. From there, I have raised two daughters, 9 and 5, with whom I have spoken Spanish exclusively, tutored children struggling, and now teach at the college-level. What I love about colleges is that we are able to focus on the learning of the student rather than research. Teaching is my passion and, as many teachers will attest, there is little better than seeing that moment when a concept connects with a student. I'm so glad to be a part of the faculty at this fine institution and look forward to many more lightbulb moments from my students.

Last Updated 4/30/20