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Name Title Department Phone Email
DiPietro, Erica Student Enrollment & Financial Services Advisor Admissions and Records (408) 741-2477 erica.dipietroFREEWEST_VALLEY
Preston, Heidi Master Teacher Child Development Center No Email Provided.
West, Michael Articulation Officer Counseling (408) 741-4837 michael.westFREEWEST_VALLEY
Randall, Debora Office Assistant Student Health Services debora.randallFREEwvm.edu
Adams, James Senior Library Media Technician Library (408) 741-2475 james.adamsFREEWEST_VALLEY
Aimonetti, Cathy Administrative Assistant Continuing Education (408) 741-2655 cathy.aimonettiFREEWEST_VALLEY
Barife, Doonu Management Analyst Office of Instruction (408) 741-2462 doonu.barifeFREEWEST_VALLEY
Ochoa, Elizabeth Financial Aid, Outreach Specialist Financial Aid (408) 741-2660 elizabeth.ochoaFREEWEST_VALLEY
Ochoa, Brenda Counselor Counseling (408) 741-xxxx brenda.ochoaFREEWEST_VALLEY
Okamoto, Karen Administrative Assistant Office of Instruction (408) 741-3951 karen.okamotoFREEWEST_VALLEY
Pepin, Sean Director of Student Development Student Services (408) 741-2185 sean.pepinFREEWEST_VALLEY
Pham, Lien Financial Aid Supervisor Financial Aid (408) 741-2434 lien.phamFREEWEST_VALLEY
Pollock, Leslie Senior Administrative Assistant Student Services (408) 741-2531 leslie.pollockFREEWEST_VALLEY
Portilo-Sanchez, Luis Management Analyst Office of Instruction (408) 741-3063 luis.portillosanchezFREEWEST_VALLEY
Ramirez, Elizabeth Student Services Technician, Instruction/Matriculation Admissions & Records (408) 741-2536 betty.ramirezFREEWEST_VALLEY
Rehfeld, Kira Graphic Designer Marketing/Communications (408) 741-2647 kira.rehfeldFREEWEST_VALLEY
Rodriguez, Salvador Custodian Campus Center (408) 455-7745 salvador.rodriguezFREEWEST_VALLEY
Sabouri, Vida Composition Assistant Writing Language Arts (408) 741-2602 vida.sabouriFREEWEST_VALLEY
Scaletta, Michael Program Specialist, DESP DESP (408) 741-2453, TTY (408) 741-2658 mike.scalettaFREEWEST_VALLEY
Severe, Philip Counselor Counseling (408) 741-2493 philip.severeFREEWEST_VALLEY
Shively, Brian Program Specialist Outreach brian.shivelyFREEwvm.edu
Shriver, Adele Nurse Practioner Student Health Services (408) 741-2027 adele.shriverFREEWEST_VALLEY
Sias, Angela Administrative Assistant Counseling (408) 741-2119 angela.siasFREEWEST_VALLEY
Southworth, Tanya Senior Office Coordinator DESP (408) 741-3010 tanya.southworthFREEWEST_VALLEY
Specht, Darlene Office Coordinator Student Health Services (408) 741-2142 darlene.spechtFREEWEST_VALLEY
Spilman, Laura Master Teacher Child Development Center (408) 741-2153 laura.spilmanFREEWEST_VALLEY
Spink, Patrick Administrative Specialist Health and Human Development 408-741-2017 patrick.spinkFREEWEST_VALLEY
Swalen, Mary K. Business/Court Reporting Court Reporting (408) 741-2045 x3592 mary.swalenFREEWEST_VALLEY
Kamil, Fatima Career and Transfer Advisor Transfer Center (408) 741-2040 fatima.kamilFREEWEST_VALLEY
Karets, Elena Student Records Advisor Admissions & Records (408) 741-2654 elena.karetsFREEWEST_VALLEY
Kelly, Lynn Administrative Specialist Professional Studies (408) 741-2071 lynn.kellyFREEWEST_VALLEY
King, Jason Digital Imaging Specialist Printing/Administrative Services (408) 741-2120 jason.kingFREEWEST_VALLEY
Kinley, Laurel Administrative Specialist - Personnel Administrative Services (408) 741-2101 laurel.kinleyFREEWEST_VALLEY
Lakew, Yalem Student Development Coordinator Student Services (408) 741-2006 yalem.lakewFREEWEST_VALLEY
Langworthy, Teri Administrative Assistant Social Science (408) 741-2019 teri.langworthyFREEWEST_VALLEY
Liu, Howard Unix Server Administrator Infomation Systems (408) 741-4678 No Email Provided.
Maciel, Elizabeth Supervisor Administrative Services Administrative Services (408) 741-2148 elizabeth.macielFREEWEST_VALLEY
Mageles, George Supervisor of Mental Health Services Student Health Services (408) 741-2612 george.magelesFREEWEST_VALLEY
Marquez, Virginia Director, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) EOPS (408) 741–2593 virginia.marquezFREEWEST_VALLEY
Martin, Aleksandra Administrative Specialist Science and Math (408) 741-2018 aleksandra.martinFREEWEST_VALLEY
Martin, Kristin Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid (408) 741-5555 kristin.grant-martinFREEWEST_VALLEY
McConnell, Rebecca Senior Administrative Assistant Career Programs (408) 741-2661 rebecca.mcconnellFREEWEST_VALLEY
McDevitt, Joe Program Director, Outreach and College Promise Admissions & Records (408) 741-4643 joe.mcdevittFREEWEST_VALLEY
McDonnell, Susie Financial Aid Technician Financial Aid (408) 741-XXXX susie.mcdonnellFREEWEST_VALLEY
McMahon, Loretta Student Services, Matriculation Admissions & Records (408) 741-2535 loretta.mcmahonFREEWEST_VALLEY
McVey, Sonia Executive Assistant Office of Instruction (408) 741-2183 sonia.mcveyFREEWEST_VALLEY
Meneses, Julie Student Enrollment & Financial Services Advisor Admissions & Records (408) 741-4644 julie.menesesFREEWEST_VALLEY
Milbourne, Lauren Sr. Administrative Assistant Academic Senate (408) 741-2075 lauren.milbourneFREEWEST_VALLEY
Miranda, Lydia CAADP Program Assistant Community Education Office (408) 741-4613 lydia.mirandaFREEWEST_VALLEY
Morrison, Robert Instructional Lab Technician Visual Art robert.morrisonFREEWEST_VALLEY
Negash, Abraham Senior Library Media Technician Library (408) 741-2461 abraham.negashFREEwvm.edu
Nguyen, Donna Editorial Specialist Instructional Technology and Services (408) 741-2178 donna.nguyenFREEWEST_VALLEY
Nguyen, Chan Instructional Laboratory Technician Chemistry (408) 741-2122 chan.nguyenFREEWEST_VALLEY
Nieman, Daniel Web and Digital Media Producer Instructional Technology and Services (408) 741-2578 daniel.niemannFREEWEST_VALLEY
Ebrahemi, Lili ASO/ICC Fiscal Assistant Student Development Office (408) 741-4637 lili.ebrahemiFREEWEST_VALLEY
Eppley, Terry Program Specialist, International Student Services (408) 741-4028 terri.eppleyFREEWEST_VALLEY
Fard, Maryam Counselor Professional Studies (408) 741-4068 maryam.fardFREEWEST_VALLEY
Filiz, Isabel ESL Lab Faculty Specialist ESL 408-741-2053 isabel.filizFREEWEST_VALLEY
Filuk, Heather Registered Nurse Student Health Services (408) 741-2027 heather.filukFREEwvm.edu
Fisk, Juliann Administrative Assistant Counseling (408) 741-4677 juliann.fiskFREEWEST_VALLEY
Flanigan, Ryan Transition Specialist Adult Education (408) 741-2156 ryan.flaniganFREEWEST_VALLEY
Flynn, Paula Senior Office Coordinator Language Arts (408) 741-2016 paula.flynnFREEWEST_VALLEY
Gault, Max Instructional Technology Analyst Instruction (408) 741-2627 max.gaultFREEWEST_VALLEY
Goldman-Hall, Barry Mental Health Consultant Student Health Services (408) 741-2027 barry.goldman-hallFREEWEST_VALLEY
Goldman, Ellen World Language Lab Coordinator and adjunct ESL faculty World Languages (408) 741-4042 ellen.goldmanFREEWEST_VALLEY
Guinnane, Steve Instructional Laboratory Technician Chemistry (408) 741-2122 steve.guinnaneFREEWEST_VALLEY
Gutierrez, Amy Counselor Outreach (408) 741-2529 amy.gutierrezFREEWEST_VALLEY
Gutierrez, Gloria Senior Executive Assistant President's Office (408) 741–2668 gloria.gutierrezFREEWEST_VALLEY
Harris, Mona Administrative Specialist Continuing Education (408) 741-3066 mona.harrisFREEWEST_VALLEY
Hoopes, Julie Administrative Assistant Counseling (408) 741-2507 julie.hoopesFREEWEST_VALLEY
Horgan, Anne Program Director Child Development Center (408) 741-2153 anne.horganFREEWEST_VALLEY
Ikeda, MA, Hideo Counselor Counseling (408) 741-2508 hideo.ikedaFREEWEST_VALLEY
Izzi, Shalien Program Specialist Title III Grant (408) 741-2548 shalien.izziFREEWEST_VALLEY
Jackson, Chris Alternate Media Specialist DESP (408) 741-2063 chris.jacksonFREEWEST_VALLEY
Johnson, Elise Component Lead Title III Counseling (408) 741-2606 elise.johnsonFREEWEST_VALLEY
Johnson, Michael Instructional Lab Technician Visual Art michael.johnsonFREEWEST_VALLEY
Juarez, Becky Program Assistant EOPS (408) 741-2449 becky.juarezFREEwvm.edu
Archer, Esther Applied Piano, Staff Collaborative Pianist Music esther.archerlakhaniFREEWEST_VALLEY
Babakan, Azar Educational Testing and Technical Specialist Student Services (408) 741-2035 azar.babakanFREEWEST_VALLEY
Badal, Shamiran Program Assistant DESP (408) 741-2451 shamiran.badalFREEWEST_VALLEY
Bertolucci, Nick PE/Athletics Operation Coordinator Kinesiology (408) 741-2132 nick.bertolucciFREEWEST_VALLEY
Breckenridge, Donna Executive Assistant/Facility Rentals Administrative Services donna.breckenridgeFREEWEST_VALLEY
Breithaupt, Andrew Theater Set Designer Theater (669) 233-9999 andrew.breithauptFREEWEST_VALLEY
Calderon, Jose Veterans Counselor Counseling (741) 741-xxxx jose.calderonFREEWEST_VALLEY
Carreiro, Michelle Senior Library Media Technician Library (408) 741-2644 michelle.carreiroFREEWEST_VALLEY
McShane, Anne Instructional Lab Technician – Physics Physics (408) 741-4655 anne.mcshaneFREEWEST_VALLEY
Castellini, Silvia Italian and Spanish Instructor World Languages (408) 741-2076 silvia.castelliniFREEWEST_VALLEY
Ceresa, Melissa Veterans Specialist/Grant Manager Veterans Resource Center (408) 741-4694 melissa.ceresaFREEWEST_VALLEY
Chevalier, Jolie Student Enrollment & Financial Services Advisor Admissions & Records (408) 741-2643 jolie.chevalierFREEWEST_VALLEY
Choy, Bickie Counselor EOPS (408) 741-2422 bickie.choyFREEWEST_VALLEY
Cloman, Gary Server Systems Administrator Instructional Technology and Services (408) 741-4047 gary.clomanFREEWEST_VALLEY
Collins, Lacey Instructional Lab Technician Visual Art (408) 741-2424 lacey.collinsFREEWEST_VALLEY
Colon, Daniel Custodian Campus Center (408) 639-2080 or (408) 741–2684 daniel.colonFREEWEST_VALLEY
Colón, Jasmine Digital Services Librarian Library (408) 741-4682 jasmine.colonFREEWEST_VALLEY
Coronado, Rosa EOPS Specialist EOPS (408) 741-2687 rosa.coronadoFREEWEST_VALLEY
Daroza, Cinthia Instructional Laboratory Technician Biology (408) 741-2588 cinthia.darozaFREEWEST_VALLEY
deGive, Veronica VA School Certifying Official/Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid (408) 741-2532 veronica.degiveFREEWEST_VALLEY
Dela Cruz, Jefferson Graphic Designer Marketing/Communications (408) 741-2595 jefferson.delacruzFREEWEST_VALLEY
Dial, Miqueas Research Analyst President's Office (408) 741-4619 miqueas.dialFREEWEST_VALLEY
Dillon, Meredith Assistant, Athletic Trainer Kinesiology (408) 741-2408 meredith.dillonFREEWEST_VALLEY
Domingue, Pertilla Senior Administrative Assistant Academic Senate (408) 741-2075 pertilla.domingueFREEWEST_VALLEY
Tong, Susie Administrative Specialist TRiO (408) 741-2143 susie.tongFREEWEST_VALLEY
Tran, Thuy Thi Administrative Specialist Office of Instruction (408) 741-2618 thuy.tranFREEWEST_VALLEY
Underwood, Star (Sandy) Senior Administrative Assistant Community Education Office (408) 741-4612 sandy.underwoodFREEWEST_VALLEY
Vaughn, Meghan Program Analyst Student Health Services (408) 741-2641 meghan.vaughnFREEWEST_VALLEY
Vinson, Cher Financial Analyst Administrative Services (408) 741-4679 cher.vinsonFREEWEST_VALLEY
Wang, Jennifer Child Development Center Specialist III Child Studies (408) 741-2153 jennifer.wangFREEWEST_VALLEY
West, Diana Receptionist Student Health Services diana.westFREEWEST_VALLEY
Yee, Alfred Classroom Technology Specialist Instructional Technology and Services (408) 741-2167 alfred.yeeFREEWEST_VALLEY
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