COMM 001: Public Speaking

COMM 008: Interpersonal Communication

COMM 012: Intercultral Communicaiton

COMM 020: Argumentation and Debate


PhD in Communication
Liberty University

MA in Strategic Communication
Liberty University

BA in Intercultural Studies and Theology
Jessup University


Jared makes a living doing the very thing he got in trouble for doing as a kid in school… TALKING!

In the classroom, he places a large emphasis on practicality. He gets no greater pleasure than taking a complex theory and making it understandable to his students and relatable to the real world. He specifically loves Communication as a field because he believes that enhanced communication skills lead to enhanced work cultures, relationships, connections, and quality of life.

Outside of class Jared can usually be found hiking around the forest, leading worship, stream fishing in the Sierras, or searching for great travel deals online.

While Jared loves teaching as an occupation, his primary and most important job is being a loving husband to Sweet Aurora and a devoted father to Asher.

Last Updated 1/18/23