NCWP 001: Essential Communication Skills for the Workplace

NCWP 002: Digital Citizenship for the Workplace

NCWP 003: Leadership Skills for the Workplace


I am an equity-minded Certified Career Counselor with over 5 years in higher education. I have experience working with students from backgrounds, such as first-generation, historically underserved, low-income, disabilities, LGBTQIA+, at-promise/at-risk, and ESL, in academic counseling, career counseling, personal counseling, transferring, job searching, resume critiquing and talent development. My mission is to help people find their purpose in life through the work that they do as well as developing their professional life and reaching their goals.


Master of Science, Counseling (Career Counseling)
California State University, Sacramento

Bachelor of Science, Nutrition Science
University of California, Davis

Last Updated 9/1/21