KINS 2.02: Lifeguard Training

KINS 2.04: Swimming – Beginning

KINS 2.05: Swimming – Intermediate

KINS 2.06: Swimming – Advanced

KINS 2.07: Mater’s Swimming

KINS 4.16: Fitness Weight Training

KINS 4.20: Fitness, Weight Training II

KINS 4.21: Fitness Weight Training 3

KINA 9.11: Intercollegiate Swimming – Women

KINA 9.20: Women’s Intercollegiate Water Polo

KINA 9.56: Athletic Women’s Water Polo – Skills and Techniques

KINS 8.20: Introduction to Sports Fundamentals

KINS 8.21: Fundamentals of Sport – Beginning

KINS 8.22: Fundamentals of Sport – Intermediate


M.B.A, International Business, Supply Chain Management
University of La Verne

M.A, Kinesiology
Cal Baptist University

B.S, Criminology
University of La Verne

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