About Us

Events over the past few years have shown that democracy is fragile and must not be taken for granted. Democracy must be nurtured and advocated with inclusivity and equity at the forefront.

This requires diligence and action on the part of every individual, not just our civic leaders. The Democracy Institute was established to bring the WVC community –– students, faculty, staff and administrators –– together to educate ourselves on the social and economic challenges we face and to find meaningful ways to take action.

To do this, the Democracy Institute involves:

  • Coursework that provides a basic foundation for understanding the U.S. political and economic systems, and an introduction to social justice issues.
  • Learning from global, national and local leaders, and subject experts speaking on economic, social and political issues through the lecture/speaker series.
  • Service learning to promote a sense of belonging and inclusion, by building and fostering relationships within the College and District, as well as with our community.

Fulfillment of Democracy Institute Mission and Purpose

  • Strengthen and expand partnerships, both external and internal
  • Identify WVC as a destination for purposeful learning
  • Collaboration across the College and disciplines
  • Civic engagement goes beyond political participation
  • Building healthier, more vibrant society that embraces the diversity of its members
  • Democracy Institute badge will help meet transfer requirements for graduation
  • Recognition of the value students bring to their communities through their participation in service learning projects
  • Service learning teaches skills to help students successfully navigate their academic journey
  • Service learning levels the playing field for students who enter college without cultural capital
  • Service learning is a tool to increase student retention and engagement in courses, and improve success and graduation rates.

Educational Master Plan (EMP) Goals

1.2 Establish “strategic” relationships with business and industry, civic, and public partners
1.3 Reimagine partnerships so they contribute to college goals and desired outcomes
4.1 Improve retention, persistence, and completion, including eliminating equity and achievement gaps and using data for informed decision making
4.3 Build strong connections with business, community, and alumni to strengthen curricula
4.7 Identify and grow high impact educational experiences and use these to grow enrollment
6.2 Develop an identity around equity and key strengths, becoming a local educational leader
6.5 Expand mentoring and support for students from underrepresented groups

Caring Campus

Commitment 1 Campus-wide commitment to implement strategies meant to enhance the visibility of West Valley College campus professionals and their work

Anti-Racism Plan

D3 Create intentional learning for students, staff and administrators

Guided Pathways

3 Help students stay on their path
4 Ensure learning is happening with intentional outcomes
Last Updated 8/16/23