Associated Students of West Valley College (ASWVC)

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ASWVC Public Records

General Information

The Associated Students of West Valley College (ASWVC) is a student-run organization dedicated to making West Valley College a better place and advocating for the needs of the student body. The ASWVC is comprised of nine Executive Board members and a number of Senators who represent the best interests of students.

Office: Center for Identity, Exploration and Inclusion (Campus Center 101)

Mission Statement

The Associated Students of West Valley College strive to protect and advocate for the student body’s best interests as well as better their educational experience as a whole.

Perks of Joining

  • Transcript notation - recognition for your service and commitment to the West Valley College student body
  • Priority registration
  • Firsthand knowledge of upcoming campus events and activities, as well as changes
  • Opportunities to establish connections with the faculty, staff, and administrators of West Valley
  • Meet other students with similar goals, majors, mindset, etc.


The ASWVC Senate meets every Tuesday at 3:45 PM via Zoom and in Fox 120.

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West Valley College Clubs represent the diversity of the student body. Each club functions independently, doing activities, fundraisers, and projects. All clubs that wish to be considered active must send a representative to attend at least two Senate Meetings and make a report.

Executive Board Contact Information

  Member Role Email
Amy Nguyen Amy Nguyen President [email protected]
Ria De Ria De Vice President [email protected]
Katerina Press Katerina Press Director of Finance [email protected]
  Tiffany Cho Director of Marketing [email protected]
  Charity Spicer Director of Records [email protected]
  Hana Ben-Dashan Director of Student Engagement [email protected]
  Meera Chavan Director of External Operations [email protected]
  Lucas Vincenot Director of Club Relations [email protected]
  Melanie Ho Student Trustee [email protected]
  Samantha Hernandez Advisor samantha.hernandezFREEWEST_VALLEY
Jennifer Keh Advisor jennifer.kehFREEWEST_VALLEY

ASWVC Constitution and Bylaws

The link below allows any interested parties to view the Associated Students of West Valley College Constitution and Bylaws.

ASWVC Constitution and Bylaws

Internal Committees

The Associated Students of West Valley College shall exercise their right to create an internal committee wherever they see fit. Standing committees will include the Budget and Finance Committee, the Activities Committee, the Outreach Committee, and the Bylaws Committee.

Oversees and provides input for creating tentative budgets, assessing fund requests, and amending the financial code, and any other financial matters. This committee is chaired by the ASWVC Director of Finance.

Oversees the creation and facilitation of all ASWVC events and activities. This committee is chaired by the ASWVC Director of Student Engagement, and consists of the ASWVC Director of External Operations and a minimum of three (3) Senators.

The Outreach Committee oversees the marketing of ASWVC with the purpose of increasing student engagement on campus while ensuring that all marketing follows the ASWVC marketing standards and procedures. This committee is chaired by the ASWVC Director of Marketing.

Ensures that the ASWVC Constitution and Bylaws are upheld and abided by during the ASWVC internal committee meetings, Senate meetings, and Executive Board meetings. Additionally, the Bylaws Committee oversees any amendments or additions made to the ASWVC Constitution and Bylaws. This committee is chaired by the ASWVC Vice President.

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