Inclusive and Equitable Teaching Practices

WVC has received a grant from the state Chancellor’s office to support implementation of a 2-year Inclusive and Equitable Teaching Practices faculty professional learning program.

This professional learning program will take place in three parts:

  1. Data coaching provided by WVC’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness.
  2. An 8-week course called “Fostering a Culture of Belonging” through the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE).
  3. A Community of Practice model to support your learning throughout

During the 8-week course, you will learn proven strategies to create a more equitable and just learning environment. Some examples of the modules are as follows:

  • Managing the Impact of Biases
  • Reducing Microaggressions
  • Addressing Imposter Phenomenon and Stereotype Threat
  • Creating an Inclusive Learning Environmen
All Faculty who participate will receive a stipend for their time to participate in the Community of Practice. Faculty can use the ACUE coursework for IR, or they can apply to use it for PG&D.

ACUE courses feature digital badging, providing an easy way to document commitment to instructional excellence. Badges can be added to your curriculum vitae, used in online teaching portfolios, and displayed on LinkedIn profiles or webpages as a sign of your achievement.

Fall Schedule
  • Kick-Off meeting with data coaching will be Friday, September 8 from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM.
  • Fall course will begin Week 3 of the semester.
  • Cohorts typically complete one module every two weeks, requiring 2–3 hours of activity.
  • Community of Practice support begins Week 3 of the semester.
Application Information and Deadline

Ready to learn with us?! Interested faculty are encouraged to apply today – no later than Friday, May 26.

Last Updated 5/22/23