Board Members

Board 2020-2021

About the Board

The Board is made up of volunteers who believe in the Club’s mission: Empowering students to succeed through collaborative activities that foster career development and inspires passion for the profession. This goal is accomplished by building on the foundation of education, experience, development, and leadership.

The Club Board Members work hard to produce events and seminars relevant to you! If you would like to volunteer to join as a board member, or join a subcommittee, you can contact the President or our Membership Chair.

We are always looking for new Board members to help us achieve our mission and create fun events. Joining the Club is great for the resume but by joining the Board students have strong opportunities to develop their leadership and networking skills. Our Board is a common source for internship candidates!

Board Member Duties and Responsibilities

The Board is comprised of officers, committee chairs, and liaisons.

All Board Members are required to:

  • Be a member of WVC Interior Design Club and attend all Board Meetings and club events.
  • Must be able to commit to the position for a period of one (1) year.
  • Represent our Club in an ethical and professional manner and be generally supportive to other Board Members and Club Members.


The WVCIDC President’s focus is to create programs of interest for the student members. The President is the link between the students, department faculty, and the professional community. The President is responsible for making sure the activities of the Club uphold the Mission Statement, and enhance student’s educational experience. All Board members will escalate issues to the President for resolution.

Scope of Position

  • Inspire leadership.
  • Contribute time and/or advice to committees.
  • Be a member of ASID, IIDA, NKBA (Club to pay for required memberships).
  • Ensure enforcement of By-Laws.
  • Manage compliance with student chapter alliance responsibilities (per By-Laws).
  • Manage compliance with West Valley College Inter-Club-Council (per By-Laws).
  • Receive and distribute correspondence, information, materials and other items from the professional interior design community and other sources.
  • Attend at least 1 meeting or event for each student chapter alliance per year.
  • Attend at least 1 chapter meeting per Association (ASID, IIDA, NKBA) per year.
  • Preside at all scheduled IDC Board meetings and general meetings.

The WVCIDC Vice President is responsible for learning the job of President, and will become the President at the Fall Kickoff. This is an opportunity to obtain experience in leading a high caliber student organization. It will allow the position holder to gain insights into how the organization functions, and what they may do to grow and improve it in their term as President.

Scope of Position

  • Help lead Board meetings and assist President with Club business where needed.
  • In the absence or disability of the presiding President, assume and perform the duties of the President.
  • Be a member of ASID, IIDA, NKBA (membership paid by Club).

The WVCIDC Treasurer receives and deposits all Club funds in the name of the chapter to the student chapter bank account. The Treasurer prepares the chapter budget and makes financial reports to the club. The Treasurer also attends weekly ICC meetings as representative of the club, and is responsible for submitting the Club re-Chartering forms to the ICC and procuring charter monies each semester.

Scope of Position

  • Be responsible for cash receipts and disbursements and maintain financial documents.
  • Attends all IDC Board meetings.
  • Work with President to develop yearly budget.
  • Attends or delegates attendance to West Valley College Inter-Club Council meetings as a representative of the club.
  • Submit the club re-chartering forms to the ICC and procuring charter money each semester.

The Secretary keeps records of all Board meetings and distributes the minutes in a timely manner. The secretary is responsible for keeping an archive of all club activity flyers, photos, and written documents.

Scope of Position

  • Coordinate with President to schedule Board meetings and send out meeting agenda.
  • Attend all Club board meetings
  • Record the minutes of the Board and disperse them to the Board members in a timely manner
  • Submit meeting agenda to President for approval
  • Maintain file of written documents, flyers, and photos after event

Committee Chairs

The WVCIDC Membership Chairperson is responsible for maintaining the Club’s membership roster and acting as a liaison between the general membership and the WVCIDC Board.

Scope of Position

  • Act as the spokesperson for member recruiting. Be available to provide information and recruit West Valley students to become members of the Club.
  • Help coordinate and attend the “Fall and Spring Kickoff Events” and all other membership drives.
  • Sign up new and renewal members and collect payments. Forward membership fees to Treasurer.
  • Send “Membership Letter”, by email, to all members after processing is complete.
  • Create and maintain an updated Membership Roster and also the List of Past Members.
  • Periodically check Membership Drop box located in the Design Library and re-stock payment envelopes.
  • Attend at least one Board meeting per month.

The WVCIDC Design Library Chair maintains and updates the materials and information in the Club sponsored Design Resource Center. The Chairperson also ensures that the room itself is kept in a presentable manner and also gather and maintain design materials. This is a great opportunity to meet with vendors and learn about the various materials. Responsibilities can be shares with many Co-chairs. Will also, coordinate with Architecture Club and Fashion Design Club presidents to ensure all students respect the space and have resources available.

Scope of Position

  • Make sure sample materials are organized and labeled, so that all interior design students can easily locate items needed.
  • Communicate with designers, vendors and other persons who have items they would like to donate. Travel to pick them up or meet the donor at West Valley. Also, communicate with other students who have obtained samples.
  • Coordinate with RAFT and other facilities to pass on the donated items, which the Design Library cannot use.
  • Occasionally, contact vendors to obtain specific materials requested by students.
  • Maintain the supply of office supplies, which are available for the students use. These include staplers, pens, scissors, paper cutters, etc.
  • Maintain and update magazines on a monthly basis. New copies are put in the plastic covers.
  • Maintain Textbook and reference library. All items are to be kept on location.
  • Organize Design Library cleanup days, if necessary.
  • Recruit volunteers to assist as Design Library committee members, as needed.
  • Attend at least one Board meeting per month.

The Activities Chair works with the President to coordinate seminars, workshops, tours, or further activities that enhance student’s educational experience. Responsible for Club hosted events only, including one kickoff and one or more other events per semester.

Scope of Position

  • Contact possible speakers/facility guides/workshop leaders, with Presidents guidance
  • Collaborate with Communications Chair, if necessary, to advertise and organize the event.
  • The Activities Chair also works closely with the Hospitality Chair.
  • Organize meeting facilities if necessary.
  • Organize an Activities Sub-Committee if needed.
  • Attend at least one IDC Board meeting per month.

Order and Serve Food for Club Events

Your responsibility is to help the activities Chairperson (and possibly President) with Club sponsored events.

  • This traditionally includes one membership drive, one Club speaker event, and one social event, per semester
  • Liaisons usually take care of their own events but you may be asked to assist.
  • The Spring Graduation Event is a large event (usually 50 guests). This event is done by committee. You will help lead hospitality for the event with assistance.

Assist with Decoration and Food Presentation Based on Event Concept

  • As designers, all our events are based on a loose concept therefore some creativity is always appreciated.
  • Work with the Activities chair to help with table décor and seating floor plan for event. Tablecloths, runner and flower vases are located in Hospitality cabinet.

Hospitality Cabinet

  • The hospitality cabinet is your responsibility to keep organized.
  • It contains serving utensils, napkins, plates, cups, vases, etc. that you will need.
  • You will keep track of inventory and purchase any items when necessary.

Design Resource Center

  • Since there is a microwave and coffee maker, many students use the area as a kitchenette. Supplies of cups, napkins, fork, and spoons should also be stocked in the cabinet under the microwave.
  • It will be the responsibility of all Board members to help clean and maintain the area - along with the Student Body.
  • Please share any concerns or proposals for this area with the President.

Resources for Food

  • FYI – West Valley is known by our design professionals as having the best food, but no pressure here ☺
  • For on campus events, the Campus Café would like “right of first refusal”
    • Campus Café Contact: Anwar Mustafa (408) 741-2026 or
    • He will work with you if you have an idea of what you want and pricing will robably be a “per person basis”
  • Also feel free to ask Board members if they have a special dish or dessert they would like to prepare for the event. A combination of store bought, catered and homemade dishes are always popular.
  • Remember to provide vegetarian and gluten-free options as it is getting more common.
  • Costco is usually the main source, especially for salads and drinks.

Reimbursement of Funds

You will be asked to put purchases on your credit card and file a reimbursement form. Usually takes two weeks to get a check from West Valley College.

The role of Communications chair is still being defined since the roles of Communications Chair and Web Master have recently been combined. As a Board we welcome new ideas and the sharing of your expertise.


  • Create Club Flyers – work with President and Activities chair to create flyers of the upcoming events.
  • Distribute the Club information to our students and social media, including:
    • Posting to website
    • Posting to social media accounts
    • Posting flyers on Classroom and DRC doors
    • If necessary, send request to Diane Hurd to share with all ID students.
    • For quality assurance and coordination, be sure to confirm with the President before distributing any of this information, especially to Diane.
  • Assist Association Reps/Liaisons
    • You will occasionally be asked to help the ASID, NKBA and IIDA Reps in creating flyers and posting around campus, to the website and to social media.
    • Therefore, it is best if you stay current on all Club, ASID, NKBA and IIDA activities.

It has been discussed by the previous Boards that getting information to our students is our biggest challenge. Communicating quality information on a consistent basis is key. Therefore, we have created procedures for sharing our information.

  • Class Representative Program: A Rep in each class will share our current Club information and get students excited about and committed to attend events. The Communications chair maintains a list of reps and organizes the information for them to present to their class.

As new Communications chair, you have a great opportunity to further develop this position in a way that reflects your interests and strengths. Any new ideas are to be presented to the board at monthly meetings.

Sites You Are Responsible for Maintaining

  • Club Website (Currently Under Construction)
  • Facebook (Current Administrator: Yolanda Ng)
  • Google Doc Calendar: You will be responsible for adding all events, Board meetings and school related dates to the Google calendar. Liaisons and Philanthropy will be responsible to add theirs but you should verify that they are staying up to date with their postings.
  • Instagram

Project Leader

  • Serve as project manager and coordinate with Faculty Advisor
  • Coordinate the staffing of the design team. Usually 5-6 total, based on size of project
  • Be the contact person when communicating with Client and advisor
  • Set-up meeting schedule and agenda, Create Dropbox folders to document project

Investigate Possible Projects

  • Faculty advisors may bring an opportunity to the Club Board, also possible campus projects
  • Students may have contacts they wish for you to follow-up one
  • Searching out projects you might want to work on
  • Projects that can be completed within one semester are the best. Students have a hard time committing to a longer period than that. A larger project could be broken down into stages if documented well enough.

Portfolio of Projects

  • Upon completion of the project, it is your responsibility to work with the team to put together a portfolio presentation of the design process and other details of the project.
  • This presentation helps students view the entire design process and a complete set of documents, along with the final design presentation that was presented to the client.
  • Students can use this portfolio as part of their personal portfolio noting their contributions to the team project.
  • You will have the collection of Philanthropy Portfolios available to view at Club recruiting events. These are kept in the large black portfolio found in the Club cabinets.
  • The Dropbox also needs to be cleaned up.
  • A folder has been set up for each Philanthropy project completed to far.


  • An “Application Template” has been created and filed in the Philanthropy Dropbox file folder
  • During membership drives, you may encourage students to complete the form so you have a source of names for future projects. Sometimes only one or two students may be needed for a project and this is a great place to start.
  • Philanthropy opportunities are a benefit of being a Club member! Once a project is identified, an email will be sent to all current Club members. We will offer the position to Club members first. If we need to open it to the whole student body, we encourage them to still join the Club.
  • Once an application is received, it is filed in the Dropbox/Philanthropy/student_applications

Ainsley House

  • Ainsley House is a historic house museum located in downtown Campbell.
  • We have participated in their holiday event for the past 3 years with great success.
  • We should get an email in September asking us to participate. There is usually a theme and we are able to choose which room we are interested in decorating.
  • This is a great project for newer student as it is mostly a “decorating Project”
  • A team of 5-6 works best. Recruit and begin this project early as installation is usually the week before Thanksgiving.


The ASID Liaison will attend monthly ASID (CA Pen) chapter meetings and share upcoming events and opportunities with the Board. The ASID Liaison will host at least one ASID sponsored event per semester that pertains to the goals of both ASID and the Club

Scope of Position

  • Be a member of ASID.
  • Set up a membership/informational table at all Fall and Spring Kickoffs.
  • Post all ASID events open to students on Website, Social Medial, and Events Calendar, and/or submit to Communications Chair for posting.
  • Promote national ASID scholarships and competitions to student chapter
  • Provide monthly feedback to SRB regarding ASID West Valley Chapter activities, questions, and concerns for inclusion in report to the CA Pen ASID chapter
  • Attend all IDC Board meetings and provide updates as they pertain to ASID chapter and/or national activities.

The IIDA Student Liaison strives to create awareness about IIDA and the benefits of student membership and events. They act as the liaison between the local City Center / Chapter / HQ and the Interior Design student community.

Scope of Position

  • Be a Student Member of IIDA.
  • Obtain the current list of West Valley College IIDA student members from IIDA HQ.
  • Raise students’ awareness about the value of the IIDA membership. Set up a membership/informational table at all Fall and Spring Kick-offs / Membership Drives.
  • Promote IIDA events on Club Website, Social Media (contact the Communications Chair), and in ID classes (contact Class Reps. for class announcements) and email current list of IIDA student members with event details prior to the event.
  • Help plan / execute IIDA City Center student events, and Club events and activities.
  • Attend all Club Board meetings and provide updates as they pertain to IIDA chapter and/or national activities.

The WVCIDC NKBA Liaison acts as a link between the WVCIDC and the NKBA. The NKBA Liaison will attend monthly local NKBA chapter meetings. The NKBA Liaison will plan a least one event per semester that pertains to the goals of both NKBA and WVCIDC in communication with the Activities Chair to make sure events are diverse in topics and do not overlap in terms of dates and times.

Scope of Position

  • Be a member of NKBA
  • Attend local NKBA chapter meetings, and promote the meetings to the WVCIDC NKBA student members
  • Plan at least one NKBA sponsored event per year
  • Submit all annual NKBA student chapter qualification forms (Student Chapter Activity/Financial Report) in a timely manner.
  • Continue to update WVCIDC on the requirements maintained by the parent organization to sustain a student chapter
  • Post all IIDA events open to students on Website, Social Medial, and Events Calendar, and/or submit to Communications Chair for posting.
  • Obtain a roster of West Valley College/NKBA members from the parent organization
  • Promote participation in NKBA scholarships/design competitions.
  • Attend all IDC Board meetings and provide updates as they pertain to NKBA chapter and/or national activities.
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