Catalog 2023-2024

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Each instructor is responsible at the beginning of the course to inform students of the course’s learning objectives and criteria for grading. The instructor alone is responsible for issuing or changing a grade.

Upon reasonable request by the student, the instructor shall indicate what grade the student is receiving at the time of the request.

The instructor may, upon a student’s request, assign an Incomplete (“I”) grade when, in the instructor’s judgment, this action is warranted and appropriate.

Instructor-Initiated Drops

An instructor may officially drop the student from the class rolls when it is determined that the student is no longer reasonably participating in the activities and requirements of the course. Definitions of non-participation shall include, but not be limited to, excessive unexcused absences.

Final Examinations

A final examination, or alternative final assessment activity, is required of all students in all courses for which a letter grade can be awarded. Final examinations or assessments for full semester courses are scheduled for a two-hour period and will not be given in advance. The final examination or assessment activity will be administered at the last scheduled class meeting. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved in advance by the Vice President of Instruction.

Last Updated 7/19/23