Approval to Teach Online/Hybrid/Hyflex

West Valley College is committed to high-quality online instruction that meets necessary federal, state and accreditation guidelines and utilizes best practices in online pedagogy and use of technology. To this end, it is critical that faculty who teach online are aware of and have been trained on these guidelines and best practices, including the importance of regular and substantive contact.

Faculty Request for Approval to Teach Online/Hybrid/Hyflex Form

Per Article 51 (Technology July 2014 – July 2017 ACE Contract), before a faculty is assigned an online course, the faculty member must have:

  • taught an online course within the District prior to Spring 2015 (documentation to confirm this may be requested), or
  • have successfully completed training (within the past five years) equivalent to 1-unit that meet the criteria outlined in the Faculty Approval to Teach Online/Hybrid Form.
How To Submit

When submitting the Faculty Approval to Teach Online/Hybrid Form, please submit ONE pdf document that includes the following:

  1. the form with the information requested and signed by both the faculty and department chair, and
  2. documentation (certificate/badge) of successful completion of the course.

The PDF packet is to be sent to the Dean of WVC Online Program: Raymond%20Gamba.

Training Options

Satisfactory completion (as evidenced by a Certificate of Achievement) of any of the following @One courses within the last five years is acceptable for the 1-unit training requirement to teach online.

  • @One Intro to Teaching with Canvas (NOT the self-paced course)
  • @One Intro to Asynchronous Online Teaching & Learning
  • @One Intro to Course Design
  • @One Online Teaching & Design

Faculty who have taken another course(s) in preparation for online teaching may request approval to meet the 1-unit requirement for course(s) taken within the last five years of form submission.

The WVC Online Academy satisfies he one-unit requirement for teaching online/hybrid.

There are no sessions of the WVC Online Academy scheduled at this time.

Last Updated 5/23/22