Middle College Testimonials

I love the Middle College program because it’s allowed to explore unique interests that I wouldn’t have been able to take classes for in high school. The campus is beautiful and there are so many easily accessible resources. The program grants a lot of independence, and it’s a refreshing experience to feel trusted in an academic setting.


Middle College has improved my self-reliance, essay writing skills and time management abilities. I highly recommend this program for students who are ready to take responsibility for their education.


In Middle College not only has the maturity level increased, I have also learned how to write, present, and speak efficiently and professionally and will be ready when i enter the real world. Mrs. Blank and Mr. Hancock are both incredible TEACHERS and PEOPLE. They are there to help you. Although i was scared to ask for help, and still am sometimes I know I have the support from them. They are there to help you become a better student and will not bring you down.


Applying to Middle College is one of the best decisions I've ever made. It's an incredible way to get ahead, make the most of your money and time, and have a much better overall experience if you can't be your best self in high school. Juxtaposed to Middle College, high school feels like some kind of social experiment that only proves unconscionable in hindsight - put a bunch of adolescents into a series of buildings for 6 hours a day and make them memorize useless information while sharing small spaces and conflicting schedules and desires. In Middle College, everyone wants to be there; class flows more smoothly, teachers are more personable and respectful of your personal life and interests, and you can shape your schedule to reflect what's best for you. Plus, there's no busy work - I haven't done a worksheet or reductive group project in years. Once you've been accepted to Middle College, the hard part is over, and you'll find that you've entered a new stage of life. At West Valley, everyone treats like you've earned the right to mess up sometimes, experiment, and think outside the box. In Middle College, everyone respects that you're worth even your mistakes and quirks, things which would get you marked down at every turn in high school. There's no better place to become the person you want most to be.


I think the college class experience is definitely a step up from high school because of the huge class variety and the professors themselves are really great at teaching. Additionally, the college classes are completely free, and you also have the opportunity to earn an associate's degree. The college community, while it might be intimidating at first, is really nice and the people there are really supportive. There are many places at West Valley that can also be a major help in success whether it be the Student Services Center or the Math Resource Center.


I really enjoy being able to create my own schedule. I also enjoy the wide variety of classes I can take at West Valley. The college community is very mature and I love being in the smaller class sizes for high school.


I like the workload. Every single assignment we do is meaningful; I never felt like I had busy work in Middle College. I also love how the program offered me the flexibility to create my own schedule based on my needs.


Middle College feels easier, yet more enriching than high school. The environment is more relaxed, yet allows for more learning. In addition, exposure to the college experience will definitely help in the future.


There is a flexible schedule, so I only go in on days I want and hours I want. Some college teachers are amazing, and I see that as a benefit of the school/an experience, so I will count it. How much you learn is really up to you, which is something I wish I had years prior.

Last Updated 5/23/23