Art Department Faculty and Staff Art Exhibition

Art Department Faculty and Staff Art Exhibition: Fall 2020

Fall 2020 celebrates the creative work of faculty and staff at West Valley College - Fine Arts Dept. whose scholarship and teaching are grounded in an art-making practice. The Virtual Art Gallery brings together works by faculty from across campus to showcase the collective creativity of artists for campus and community audiences. Ceramics, painting, drawing, sculptural installations, painting, photography, mixed-media, and digital works will be on view throughout October 2020.

This exhibition is organized and produced with the support of Ron Guzman, WVC Art and Design Instructor; Lacey Collins, Photography Assistant Staff; and Donna Nguyen, Editorial Specialist.

  • Heidi Brueckner
Heidi Brueckner

Title of Work: Seeing in Believing

Medium: Oil on Paper Bags and Foil, on Canvas

Date: 2020

  • Brian Caponi
Brian Caponi

Title of Work: On Beginning

Medium: Porcelain with glaze on steel rods

Date: 2019

  • Jason Challas
Jason Challas

Title of Work: Anti Fascists

Medium: Digital Image

Date: June 2020

  • Kimberly Cook
Kimberly Cook

Title of Work: Force Fed

Medium: Ceramic, cone 6 glaze, underglazes, gold luster

  • Chris Cryer
Chris Cryer

Title of Work: Thee Ineffable Gamma Ray (Cover #1)

Medium: Computer Generated Image

Date: 2020

  • Mitra Fabian
MItra Fabian

Title of Work: Prickle

Medium: Slip-cast porcelain, resistors

Date: 2019

  • Julia Feld
Julie Feld

Title of Work: Nostalgia

Medium: Clay, hand-built, hand-painted with underglazes, fired to 2100F

Date: 2017

  • Dan Fenstermacher
Dan Fenstermacher

Title of Work: Cinco De Mayo

Medium: Digital Photograph

Date: May 2020

  • Ron Guzman
Ron Guzman

Title of Work: Dante’s Fires 2020

Medium: Sketchbook - Photograph and Drawing

Date: 2020

  • Margaret Niven
Margaret Niven

Title of Work: Eden

Medium: Photo-polymer intaglio print with chine-collé and touches of chalk

Date: 2020

  • Mark Nobriga
Mark Nobriga

Title of Work: Artist Name: Life During Wartime

Medium: Charcoal on paper (40” x 60”)

Date: July 2020

  • Christopher Sicat
Christopher Sicat

Title of Work: Acorn

Medium: Watercolor

Date: May 2019

  • Lacey Strong-Collins
Lacey Strong-Collins

Title of Work: Cleansing Thoughts

Medium: Digital Photograph

Date: 2020

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