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Welcome to the Bill and Leila School of Art and Design

As the newly appointed Dean of The Cilker School of Art and Design, I am committed to the mission of West Valley College and nurturing the role that creatives play in meaningful culture change. Cilker SoAD continues to be a vibrant and accessible educational destination that will play a vital role in systemic industry, community, and cultural transformation both locally and globally in the 21st century.

My vision for a world-class community college of art and design is one that exposes students to both cutting-edge technology and critical thinking in an environment of critique and curiosity. This approach feeds student’s imagination and nurtures their creativity long after leaving West Valley College to ensure a lasting and fulfilling career. I strive to support student success by building bridges to the industry through internships, apprenticeships, and placements; and will dedicate myself to solidifying articulation agreements to renown art and design universities globally. My goal is to create programs that prepare students to enter the workforce, or continue their education through transfer, and excel in competitive industries by offering an internationally recognized art and design education with low cost and high impact.

With gratitude for the dedicated faculty, generous support from Bill and Leila Cilker, and the enthusiastic commitment to Art & Design from Chancellor Davis, President Kashima, and WVC's leadership team; the coming years will see new facilities, programs, and partnerships that draw on the Bay Area’s reputation as a place to innovate in the spaces of technology and sustainability. Please join us as we Create Culture Change and follow our journey @wvccilkersoad!

Shannon Price, Dean

West Valley College is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

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Last Updated 10/1/21