UC Transfer Pathways

The University of California (UC) transfer programs make it easier for you to get into UC. If you have decided on a major but want to keep your options open, the UC Transfer Pathway program may be right for you. A UC Transfer Pathway is a standardized major preparation plan for a transfer student who intends to major in one of the ten majors included in the initial effort, regardless of which UC campus or campuses to which the student applies. See the UC website for the course requirements for these ten majors.

Note: The website above lists majors identified by the UC system where minimum preparatory classes can be taken to meet major requirements across the UC system. Completing courses from the above website will not award a student an associate degree at West Valley College.

Recently, the California Community Colleges (CCC) and UC signed a Memorandum of Understanding to pilot the University of California Transfer Pathways (UCTP) Guarantee pilot project in Chemistry and Physics. Students completing one of these degrees has completed lower division preparation in the major of physics or chemistry, should be able to graduate within two years attending at full time status, and is guaranteed admission to the UC system with a minimum 3.5 GPA. Students who do not meet the GPA requirement but meet the GPA requirement to earn an Associate’s Degree (2.0 or better) may still earn these degree. Students who do not meet with the GPA requirement are still eligible to apply to the UC system, but they will not be covered under the transfer guarantee. Many students will still be competitive, so consult with a counselor and our Transfer Center for more details on eligibility and Transfer Admission Guarantee.

Last Updated 9/27/21