Anti-Racism and Inclusion Action Plan

Infographic of anti-racism plan

The West Valley College Antiracism & Inclusion Action Plan was developed during the summer of 2020 and set forth a plan of action regarding the five primary goals, along with metrics to measure the attainment of these goals and the resources necessary to accomplish them.

Primary Goals
Multi and diverse group

Goal A

Unearth, examine, acknowledge, and identify concrete actions to account for the racial history of West Valley College.

Goal B

Address Anti-Blackness and systemic Racism in the campus culture.

Goal C

Implement sustainable actions to contribute to an Anti-Racist culture at West Valley College.

Goal D

Create a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive campus climate.

Working Groups

To meet the 2023 objectives, member-led Working Groups have been assigned to each primary goal. The composition of each group is comprised of members from all divisions. Over 50 members volunteered to be a part of this work. The Working Groups are responsible for soliciting information from students, staff, faculty, and administrators to ensure campus-wide involvement, perspectives, and insight.

Action Plan Strategy

Working Groups

Responsible for assessing their assigned goal and overall strategy and implementation process

Campus Reporting

  • President Forums
  • Quarterly campus wide emails

President's Anti-Racism & Inclusion Task Force

The Task Force will listen to goal updates from each group and provide support, champion, and spark ideas to further enhance the work completed by the working groups.


College President, President, Associated Students, Black Student Union, President and Vice President, Student Success Ambassadors (2) and the Vice President of Administrative Services.

Summary of Progress

Fall 2020

Time Progress
October Action Plan adopted by the Academic Senate, Classified Senate, and College Council
November Working Group applications shared with the campus
December Working Group leads appointed

Spring 2021

Time Progress
January Working Group participants appointed
February 4 Working Groups participated in an Anti-Racism Retreat, led by Dr. Luke Woods (VP of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity. Distinguished Professor of Education at SDSU)
February – May Working Groups met bi-monthly
May 21 Working Groups shared summary of semester Progress at President’s campus-wide forum

Summer 2021

  • Revised to eliminate redundancy and overlap of primary goals
  • Leads attend Retreat to recenter, led by Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington, (President, Washington Consulting Group)

Spring 2022

Time Progress
February Campus-wide update to be sent out via email
March – April President's Anti-Racism & Inclusion Task Force to meet with working group leads
April Leads to share 2021-2022 progress towards Goal
May President’s college-wide forum: Leads will share 2021/2022 (year 2) accomplishments and progress made
Last Updated 11/30/23