Guiding Principles

At West Valley College, to become anti-racist, we are committed to the following:

Educating ourselves about the historical failures, intergenerational trauma, and our own contributions that have produced inequitable outcomes for minoritized students, faculty, campus employees, and administrators.

Taking personal responsibility for countering racist institutional structures, practices, and cultures that disenfranchise, marginalize, and disadvantage minoritized students, faculty, campus employees, and administrators.

Confronting racist ideologies and practices by holding one another accountable for individual and institutional actions, inactions or expressions of racist ideas.

Eliminating disparities in student outcomes by changing cultures, policies, practices, and pedagogies that perpetuate inequitable outcomes for groups that experience disproportionate impact.

Eradicating systemic racism, racial oppression, white fragility and white supremacy by changing cultures, policies, practices, and pedagogies.

Elevating and centering the stories, needs, and experiences of marginalized members of our community in our daily teaching, support practices, and employee engagements.

Honoring and memorializing the histories and contributions of marginalized communities and humanizing individuals and populations who have been negatively impacted by historical and systemic racism, dehumanizing language, microaggressions, and other exclusive practices.

Building and sustaining an inclusive environment, in all areas of campus, where all students, faculty, campus professionals, and administrators feel at home, safe, welcomed, valued, and empowered.

Demonstrating compassion to students, campus professionals, faculty, administrators, and community members through actions that convey understanding, empathy, care, flexibility, and personal investment.

Last Updated 8/24/21