President's Message

President Stephanie Kashima

Charles Bullock

As West Valley College’s president, I would like to warmly welcome you to our college. As a Viking, you are now officially a member of a caring and inspiring learning community. Our faculty, staff and administrators are committed to providing supportive and empowering experiences inside and out of the classroom that allow you to see your own highest potential as a learner and global citizen. Whether you are interested in pursuing a vocational certificate or a transfer degree (and transfer), we will provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills you need to succeed. We intentionally set each of you up for success by requiring all new students to complete an orientation, financial aid application, guided self-placement, educational planning and attendance at the new student convocation. Our five faculty fellows further support the following communities: African American students, Middle Eastern students, Latinx students, Asian/Pacific Islander students, and Native American students. Our Daniel Furtado Veterans Center provides wrap-around services and a new high-tech Veterans Center as a home for our many esteemed student veterans. Our Office of Student Needs serves undocumented students, foster youth, and housing and food insecure students to ensure they receive all the support necessary to thrive. We have multiple food pantries located across campus to ensure no student ever goes hungry.

And our many student clubs provide opportunities to find a community of your own that will define your social experience while a student here. Additionally, as part of our “caring campus” philosophy, we reach out to support you along your journey at particular momentum points such as week 6 early alert, registration payment due dates, and “near the finish line” (within 3-10 units of completing a degree or certificate). We simply do not let students “fall through the cracks”. You will notice our faculty and staff participating in student events such as Welcome Week, Club Week and Finals De-Stress Week as a demonstration of their commitment to do “whatever it takes” to help you succeed. Please consider every employee who works at West Valley College as a member of your support team. You can approach any employee (including me) to ask for help and will be guided to the appropriate service. Furthermore, the Welcome Center is the best place to go to be referred to the appropriate service to serve your needs. It is located on the first floor of our Student Services Center.

Our students have a long history of going on to fulfill their greatest dreams whether they be in the arts, in education, the sciences, social services, entrepreneurship, business, law, technology or letters. The top five employers of West Valley College graduates are Apple, Google, Facebook, Cisco and Tesla. This fact is evidence that West Valley prepares students for life in the new economy. Whether your goal is to become a college professor or a child care provider, we provide you with high quality training to prepare you for the next step of transfer to a four year institution or employment. Our 30 Associate Degrees for Transfer, one of the highest numbers at any community college, provide smooth pathways for those seeking to transfer with a guaranteed admission to the CSU system. And our over 120 degree and certificate programs speak to nearly any career interest a student might have.

I wish you an affirming, positive and inspiring journey while here at West Valley College. We are all here to ensure that you have one. Welcome Vikings!

Last Updated 1/28/21