Cilker Repair Cafe

The Repair Café is open on Tuesdays from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM in the CIL 110 (Production Lab).

Fashion Design & Apparel Technology program practices recycling, reuse, restoration and responsible use of supplies, equipment, and materials. For that reason, we are very excited to introduce you to our Repair Café, created and run by our faculty and students.

Cilker Repair Cafe text over needle and thread
Cilker Repair Cafe

Check out our Instagram page @repaircafecilker for photos and examples of these techniques!

No previous experience required for any workshop.

For Invisible Knit Repair, it will help to be able to knit or attend Beginning Knitting.

Repair Cafe will provide all materials, but you may want to bring your own garments to embellish (especially for Embroidery 2).

Spring 2024 Workshops

Topic Date Time Location

Come and find out what Repair Cafe is all about!

Tuesday, February 13 1:00 PM CIL 110

Come and learn an easy and accessible (and very relaxing!) way to mend holes and embellish your knitted sweaters and other garments. All supplies provided.

Tuesday, February 20 1:00 PM CIL 110

CWe love all and every handicraft at Repair Cafe. Come and learn how to knit with us! Great prep if you’re interested in Invisible Knit Repair.

Tuesday, February 27 1:00 PM CIL 110

Looking to restore your sweater back to its former glory without leaving a trace? This week we’ll look at ladder repairs and Swiss darning as the core skills to start to be able to repair those holes.

Tuesday, March 5 1:00 PM CIL 110

Embroidery techniques can turn a basic mend into a work of art. Come and learn some basic embroidery techniques to embellish your repairs, or anything else!

Tuesday, March 12 1:00 PM CIL 110

We’ll be learning some methods of patching garments, both decorative and minimalist. We’ll look at sashiko and boro and some applique techniques.

Tuesday, March 19 1:00 PM CIL 110

We’re going back to one of the oldest of the mending arts. Somewhere between weaving and embroidery, these are traditional and beautiful repair techniques for saving your holey socks and moth-eaten sweaters.

Tuesday, March 26 1:00 PM CIL 110

Come and learn how to hem your jeans like a professional with our industrial sewing machines.

Tuesday, April 9 1:00 PM CIL 110

Come learn how to crochet! If you have a favorite 5.0 mm crochet hook and medium-weight (5) yarn, please bring. If not, we will provide crochet hooks and yarns for you to use.

Tuesday, April 16 1:00 PM CIL 110

There are some amazing colors in nature! Come and learn a little about plant dyes and have a go at dyeing some samples of your own. Bringing your own small garment e.g. cami or scarf encouraged!

Tuesday, April 23 1:00 PM CIL 110

Clothes looking a little faded or tired? Come and upcycle them with our community dye pot! We’ll have a pot of indigo dye out in the courtyard and be on hand to help with tie dye techniques.

Tuesday, April 30 1:00 PM CIL 110

We’ll be celebrating the end of semester in the Repair Cafe with tea and cake. 1:1 or small group tutorials on any of the topics we’ve covered in Repair Cafe will be available by advance booking on SignUp Genius.

Tuesday, May 7 1:00 PM CIL 110
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