Math Jam for Statistics

Student group work in Wong's class

Math Jam for Statistics is a week-long focused bootcamp designed to prepare students for upcoming Math 10 Elementary Statistics course. During the week, you can:

  • Refresh or learn math concepts needed to be successful in elementary statistics
  • Make friends with fellow students
  • Connect with free campus support resources (Math Resource Center, Success Center, etc.)
  • Develop successful study skills
Class Information
Course CRN Dates Time Location
NCMA 110 50638 (Summer 2022 term) August 15-19 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM Science & Math 5

Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Any West Valley College student who is taking Math 10 Statistics class. Math Jam is FREE and has no homework or exams. It is to help prepare you for Math 10 Statistics in the upcoming semester.

Yes, Math Jam for Statistics will be held in-person at the days, times, locations listed above. Students attending in person classes must submit proof of vaccination to student health services.

Last Updated 5/3/22