A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol hero

Family/ Children

Director: Bruce W. De Les Dernier

Adapted for the stage by Bruce W. De les Dernier

From the novel by Charles Dickens

This charming ghost story is the classic Victorian tale of the redemption of the human soul. Three spectral visitations on one Christmas Eve grant Ebeneezer Scrooge, a lonely and bitter miser, a second chance at living a life full of love and charity. Filled with special effects wizardry, singing and dancing, this adaptation of the beloved novel by Charles Dickens was a tradition at West Valley College in the 1980’s-1990’s. It now returns after 26 years to our Main Stage theater! Suitable for the whole family. Some scary scenes.

Dates: November 17, 18, 24, 25 at 7:30 PM and November 19, 25 & 26 at 2:00 PM

I wrote this adaptation of A Christmas Carol for West Valley College in the fall of 1983…forty years ago. It has seen nine productions here at the college during the 1980’s and 1990’s. It was produced three times by Menlo Players Guild (with me directing), and twice by Coastal Repertory, Half Moon Bay. It has been a huge part of my theatre life. Most of my closest friends I met during productions of this play... including my wife. My son was in the show (for the first time) at six months of age.

Many dearly loved friends that had performed repeatedly in this show over the years have passed away. Rehearsing this play again for the first time after twenty years has brought the memory of these beloved people back with a clarity that has been unique... and wonderful. I am dedicating this production to their memory, especially the most recent to have passed away: Todd Wright.

Director Bruce W. De Les Dernier
Technical Director Andrew Lidwell
Costume Designer Lorrie McPheeters
Set Designer Yolanda Ng
Lighting Designer Carol Fischer
Sound Design Bruce W. De Les Dernier
Vocal Director Mary Linduska
Production Stage Manager Caroline Spencer

Cast and Crew

Narrators, Street People, Singers, Dancers

Ebeneezer Scrooge Mark Pickens
The Ghost of Jacob Marley Kyle Terry
The Ghost of Christmas Past Belle Heldt
The Ghost of Christmas Present Kyle Terry
Mrs. Dilbur, Housekeeper to Scrooge Jann Fratis
Robert Cratchit, Ofice Clerk to Scrooge Kyle Fox
Mrs. Cratchit Cristi Terry
Martha Cratchit Celeste Marie Pineda
Emma Cratchit Keilese Ramirez
Tim Cratchit Callum Soares
Fred, Nephew to Scrooge Luke Towers
The Solicitors Pati Bristow, Lisa Weaver
The Undertake Alberto Haro
School-aged Scrooge Callum Soares
Scullery Maids Keilese Ramirez
Lisa Weaver
Fan, Sister to Scrooge Katrina Cunha
Mr. Fezziwig Kyle Terry
Mrs. Fezziwig Leslie Newport
Belle, Fezziwig’s Daughter Aaliyah McGraw
Young Adult Scrooge Jake Balducci
Dick Wilkins Nathan Escobedo
Living Jacob Marley Nick Komenovich
Fezziwig Employees The Cast
Dr. Brandywine Alberto Haro
Mrs. Brandywine Jennifer Selden
Isabelle, Wife to Fred Sophia Rehbein
Topper, Party Guest Alberto Haro
Cecily, Party Guest Belle Heldt
Cecily, Party Guest Aaliyah McGraw
Vanessa, Party Guest Katrina Cunha
Want Jennifer Selden
Ignorance Nathan Escobedo
Ghost of Christmas Future Puppeteers Jake Balducci
Nathan Escobedo
Nick Komenovich
Magnus Whitaker
Businessmen Matthew Hunt
Carson Reeves
Old Joe Joseph D’Addio
Chain Devils Matthew Hunt
Carson Reeves
Marley Demons Katrina Cunha
Aaliyah McGraw
Magnus Whitaker
Technical Director Andrew Lidwell
Costume Shop Supervisor Lorrie McPheeters
Choreographer Bruce W. De Les Dernier
Recording Supervisor William Clay
Props Supervisor Amy Zsadanyi-Yale
Poster Design Alayna Cramer
Poster Photography William Clay
Headshot Photography Carla Dano-Arango
Assistant Stage Manager Zack Spycker
Theater Ofice Assistant/Box Ofice Lizzie Izyumin
Light Board Operator Hila Gotlieb
Sound Board Operator Helen Beyer
Scenic Artist Tia Shank
Props Master Fiona Conlon
Props Running Crew Fiona Conlon

Sydney Martinez

Emily Moreno

Jessica Carroll

Percy Neal

Robby Warren

Katrina Cunha

Sam Escamilla

Luis Fierro Ramirez

Matthew Hunt

Sydney Martinez

Emily Moreno

Jack Swinkels

Angel Villalpando


Jake Balducci

Helen Beyer

Pati Bristow

Jessica Carroll

Kiki Cunha

Joseph D'Addio

Joseph D'Addio

Luis Fierro

Kyle Fox

Jann Fratis

Hila Gotlieb

Alberto Haro

Camden Harris

Belle Heldt

Mathew Hunt

Nicholas Komenovich

Aaliyah McGraw

Perseus Dragon Neal

Leslie Newport


Celeste Pineda

Keilese Ramirez

Carson Reeves

Sophia Rehbein

Jennifer Selden

Callum Soares McCargo

Caroline Spencer

Zack Spycher

Cristi Terry

Kyle Terry

Luke Towers

Robby Warren

Magnus Whitaker

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