The Birds

Due to power outages, the opening of The Birds is being moved to Sunday, March 19. There will be working runs for audiences on Friday, March 17 and Saturday, March 18.

Graphic of human in bird suit flying towards cartoon birds

Classical Greek

Play by Aristophanes, adapted by Brian Reno, and Gabriel Vega Weissman

Directed by Virginia Drake

Dates: March 22, 23, 24, 25 at 8:00 PM and March 19 & 26 at 2:00 PM

Brian Reno and Gabriel Vega Weissman have added tons of current pop culture references and characters, wackily dusting off Artistophanes’ ancient Greek comedy! They’ve turned our protagonists into two movie moguls who are fed up with Hollywood’s shallow society. They want to transform Cloud Cuckooland into a great new city, but all they have to offer are the pieces of Hollywood civilization they’ve left behind. The Birds is a hilarious examination of this question — can humans go against their own desperate need for control, privilege and conspicuous consumption?

Take a gander… They’ve been living a peaceful life in a distant world for years. A few humans have deserted Earth to live with them. It’s eggs-hilerating! A fleet of human interstellar ships arrives to take over. They think they toucan play this game! The Earth’s collapse has forced them to invade. Firequackers! It’s one wave of troops and equipment after another. The battle is on! Don’t they know that’s ill-eagle? There you have Avatar: the Way of Water, except it’s exactly the plot of Aristophanes’ THE BIRDS, written in 414 BC! Plots rarely change, nor do characters. Our stories simply adjust to the age and culture. Personally, I think this mighty band of actors and technicians are poultry-in-motion! It might be a bit of ostrich, but I’ll take our version any day, and I bet you’ll be raven too!

Mattie Renee Hardin
Dillon Eric Scoles
Rags, Elvis’ personal assistant Ben Rogers
The King, Elvis Presley Lex Lindquist
A Prophet Isaac Lopez
Singer/Songwriter Sophia Rehbein
A Politician Ava Ferreira
A PR Guy Jake Balducci
The Open Defecater Jack Callahan
A Movie Mogul Benjamin Christopher
A Process Server Jake Balducci
Famous Sidekick Ava Ferreira
Superhero #1 Isaac Lopez
Superhero #2 Jack Callahan
Chorus Leader, Road Runner Sophia Rehbein

The Bird Chorus

Crow Jake Balducci
Flamingo Jack Callahan
Toucan Benjamin Christopher
Woodpecker Ava Ferreira
Canary Isis Garcia
Owl Natalie Pineda
Blue Jay Isaac Lopez
Penguins Hannah Graham
Tanvi Singh
Director Virginia Drake
Costume/Set Designer Amy Zsadanyi -Yale
Lighting/Sound Designer Carol Fischer
Technical Director Andrew Lidwell
Costume Shop Supervisor Lorrie McPheeters
Stage Manager Caroline Spencer
Assistant Stage Manager Hannah Graham
Light Board Operator Madeleine LeMarche
Sound Board Operator Eleanora “E” Cuthbertson
Properties Master Lauren Sweet
Poster Design Alayna Cramer
Headshot Photography Carla Dano-Arango
Box Office/Theater Assistant Zoe Oberst

Jake Balducci, Adolfo Hurtado, Andrea Leong, Charlie Nguyen, Blake Ogle, Fiona Pape, Carson Reeves, Livia Yang

Luis Fierro Ramirez, Zack Spycher, Adolfo Hurtado

Camden Harris, Zack Spycher, E. Cuthbertson, Luis Fierro Ramirez

Jeff Bengford, Westmont High School, and Aaron Fischer, Keyboard Razzle Dazzle! Special thanks to the Foothill College Theatre Arts Department, whose recent production of THE BIRDS did much to inspire us.

Jakob Balducci

Jack Callahan

Benjamin Christopher

Ava B. Ferreira

Isis Garcia

Renee Hardin

Lexiee Linquist

Isaac Lopez

Natalie Pineda

Sophia Rehbein

Ben Rogers

Eric Scoles

Last Updated 3/17/23