Financial Aid Forms

General Forms

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

CADAA - California Dream Act Application

Which form(s) Do I Submit?

  • Click on WVC Portal
  • Log into College Web Services
  • Select Financial Aid, click on Financial Aid Status
  • Submit any documents listed as "unsatisfied student requirements" for the award year.

2017–2018 Academic Year

BOGW – Board of Governors Fee Waiver

  • Summer 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018, and Summer 2018

V1 – Dependent Verification

V1 – Independent Verification

V4 – Dependent Verification

V4 – Independent Verification

V5 – Dependent Verification

V5 – Independent Verification

Common Requested Documents

Financial Aid Appeal Packet

***If you are a “Distance Learner”, registered in online courses only, then you may schedule a one hour-phone-in counseling appointment with Carol Pavan. Please read the directions for more information.***

Loan Program In-School Deferment Request

Board of Governors Fee Waiver Appeal Petition - Submit to the Admissions Office

California High School Graduation Certification Form

2018–2019 Pell Lifetime Eligibility Acknowledgment Form

2018–2019 Unable to Appear In Person – Verification Worksheet

2018–2019 El Estudiante No es Capaz de Comparecer en Persona

Miscellaneous Required Documents

Proof of identity (i.e. copy of Social Security Card)

Proof of Citizenship (i.e. copy of U. S. passport, Resident Alien Card, I-94, etc.)

Other miscellaneous forms or Clarification - see the Financial Aid Office for assistance

last published: 12/19/18