Viking Bookstore

Textbook Purchase Options

For each of your classes, you can check listings for required and recommended books, ISBN & edition, price, format and rental availability at B&N College.

You can also link to the B&N site when you register for your classes through the WVC Student Portal.

Purchase In-Store

  • Have a printed copy of your class schedule ready for booksellers to pull your textbooks.
  • If you forget, there will be kiosks available for use in the Campus Center. Student ambassadors will be present during the bookstore's operating hours to provide assistance.
  • Due to liability issues, booksellers cannot accept any electronic device from you (cell phone, tablet, etc.) to take and use as a course schedule reference on the text floor.
Print Schedule

Purchase Online

  • Avoid the long lines during the first weeks of class. Purchasing or renting your textbooks from us online is quick and easy.
  • Specify books to be shipped or held for in store pick up.
  • Please be aware that online orders require a minimum of 24 – 48 hours to process and be available for pick up or shipping.
Purchase Textbooks Online
Last Updated 1/22/20