A Community for Student Parents

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Tania with family during graduation

West Valley College recognizes the unique needs of students who are parenting while in school. Congratulations on taking this journey and we are proud to partner with you. We strive to make every effort to support students, parents, children, and families both in-person and remotely. Please contact us at the links below for childcare, resources, such as food and transportation and any other support you and your family require for you to thrive on your educational journey.

In compliance with AB 2881 (Berman) “a student who has a child or children under 18 years of age who will receive more than half of their support from that student.”

Please note that students across the immigration status spectrum are eligibe to apply.

West Valley College in partnership with the Office of Student Needs is happy to provide support and resources for parenting students.

Complete the form below and we will reach out with more information of applicable services.

Services and Programs

All services at the Family Resource Center are free to current West Valley students.

Report an Incident

Title IX Incident Report Form

To report sexual harassment, discrimination, assault, domestic violence, discrimination based on gender identity (including based on LGBTQ identity), stalking, and other types of sexual misconduct.

Incident Report Form

To report any general concerns. Examples include but are not restricted to race-related incidents/concerns and COVID-related incidents/concerns.

Care Incident Report Form

To report a concern related to behavior or conduct of a student or concern regarding the wellbeing of a student.

Contact Information

Samantha Hernandez

Samantha Hernandez

Student Needs
Director, Foster Youth Liaison & Dreamers Resource Liaison

(408) 741-4081
Campus Center CC 302

Anne Horgan

Anne Horgan

Child Development Center
Program Director

(408) 741-2153

Marta Mora-Evans

Marta Mora-Evans

CalWORKS Program

(408) 741-4007
Student Services Center 207E

Last Updated 2/14/23