Off-Site Tutoring

Off–Site Tutoring

If you're not a current West Valley College student, or if you need private tutoring outside of what The Success Center offers, we recommended the following sources, not affiliated with WVC:

Resource Description An online resource (and app) that allows you to connect with tutors near you who have been vetted by Tutree; payment can also be made securely through their site and/or app.
"The 10 Best Tutoring Centers in Saratoga" An online listing of Yelp's top-rated tutorial centers close to West Valley. Many focus on K-12 education, but some may offer higher-level help as well
Craigslist Any private tutors advertise via Craigslist, but you need to search for and vet them yourself. It's a good resource to see who's available, their level of expertise (from high school students to PhDs), and the going hourly rate for private tutors in the Bay Area.

NOTE: The Success Center does NOT hire out our tutors for off-site tutoring. Additionally, we will NOT provide a tutor's private contact information to those who request it. We highly value the safety and privacy of our staff, and thank you for understanding.

Last Updated 5/10/21